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Jeff Ryan reflects back on his culinary adventures at Disney World's Flower and Garden Festival.

Our adventure at Flower & Garden Festival included several new things for us. To break up the old routine, we stayed at a different location. Our previous favorite had a combination of limited availability and a new price increase. We decided to go with another outlet. It was a condo in part of the establishment where we had done a time-share visit/torture session the previous year. We ended up being quite impressed with the place. It may be our new favorite. 

After a long winter in the Midwest, some sun in Florida is never a bad idea. Toss in the lovely greenery and floral background of the festival and it gets a whole lot easier to take. The food was a bit of a plus, but not nearly to the extent that it is during Food & Wine Festival. Even so, we did discover a couple of new favorites. Shrimp has always been one of my favorites. A booth called Florida Local has had some Shrimp Ceviche with Zellwood Sweet Corn at Food & Wine Festival (FWF) that is outstanding, in my opinion. They had it at Flower & Garden Festival, so I was reasonably content in short order. We also stopped by The American Experience Smokehouse for a pulled pork slider with coleslaw and some exceptional chocolate cake. 

Like we did at so many places, we left saying, "What a country!" in our best Yakov Smirnov voice. 

Another stop took us to Animal Kingdom one day. We did the safari tour to see all of the animals of Africa in their pseudo-natural surroundings. After that, it was time to eat. We decided to experiment and try the African buffet at Tusker House. Nothing really stood out as an African food when we thought about what we might end up eating, but the buffet did not disappoint. Unfortunately, the lighting inside isn't the greatest, so the photos of the menu didn't turn out clear enough to read. Just take my word that a trip to Tusker House for the buffet should be on your must-do list! Add in some photo time with Mickey and it's even better. 

There were still other options out there. On a whim a couple years ago, I walked up to the front desk at Le Cellier, the Canadian steakhouse at Epcot. Sherill had decided to spend the day at the pool back at the condo, so I was flying solo. Reservations are hard to come by at Le Cellier, I'd heard, but this was mid-afternoon, and I was a party of one, so why not give it a shot? 

They got me in within two or three minutes and I enjoyed some of the best filet mignon, pretzel bread and cheddar cheese soup I've ever had. We now make a point of going to Le Cellier whenever we can. 

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