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She’ll just wing it

Guy No. 2's mother Elsie impresses the family with her spice tolerance.

The menu hadn’t even arrived yet and I knew I wanted some Texas Toothpicks. They are breaded strips of jalapenos with plenty of flavor. Our mission was to see some different things on this trip, so I decided to order a few appetizers and get my folks to sample a bit of everything. Texas Toothpicks looked like a good way to start the list. 

Our server showed up and took our drink order as we perused the menu. We’d always given my mom a hard time about her tendency to order soup or clam chowder on a lot of these visits. She knows what she likes and she’s not afraid to order it if she can. This time, though, she went a different route. Her choice was Buffalo Wings. I was a bit skeptical, because the little flame insignias next to them on the menu indicated there was some major heat involved. Mom said it didn’t bother her, because she liked some heat. Besides, she had gotten Buffalo Wings at Fareway, our local grocery store, and she liked them. 

Well, this should be interesting. Growing up in a Norwegian Lutheran church environment most of my life, “adding some flavor” usually meant putting two drops of green food coloring in the Cool-Whip before you added it to the red Jell-O salad. Salsa was more or less the food equivalent of the Lambada – The Forbidden Condiment. 

The lovely young server was more than surprised that Elsie was going with the Buffalo Wings. “Now, those are pretty hot. Are you sure that’s what you want?” she asked in her best kindergarten teacher voice.      

“Yes, I’ve had them before at Fareway. I like some heat,” Elsie replied. 

The Fareway reference was totally lost on our server. She looked at me to make sure this order was legit and she shouldn’t try to talk Elsie out of them. I nodded my approval. 

We got a few other appetizers, too. A guy can never eat too many Moose Nuggets, in my opinion. As any decent Animal Science major will tell you, they come from the most tender part of the moose. 

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