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Guy No. 2's mother Elsie impresses the family with her spice tolerance.

We did some sightseeing and then we were ready to eat. Once again, the decision on where to eat was left to me. It was kind of raining, so this one didn’t look like it would be a situation where I’d drop everyone else off and then park eight blocks away so I could walk through the rain to get there as their entrees made it to the table. I decided to enlist some technical help. My cell phone carrier did not have a data-sharing plan with anyone in Alaska, so we had no Internet and no GPS on my phone. What we did have was Gladys, the voice of my Garmin GPS. Perhaps you remember her by her other name from previous stories: Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong. 

We got Gladys cranked up and went to the menu for dining options. What with me being the decision-maker, I tossed out BBQ as our category of choice. There were no objections from the audience, so that was the plan. One of the options wasn’t too far away. That made it a whole lot easier for me to decide it was our best choice. 

Oddly enough, it sounded vaguely familiar, too, so I decided that was a good sign. The place was called Big Daddy’s. There was a Big Daddy’s in Des Moines at one time that had one of the hottest BBQ sauces around. If you finished your entire sandwich, your picture went on the wall. The heat from the sauce was powerful enough that you had to sign a waiver before you began eating. One of my other sister’s coworkers managed to polish off his sandwich and get his photo on the wall. He was dripping wet with sweat when it was all done, so the photo wasn’t exactly portfolio-quality. Oh, and he was a in a wheelchair, too, so the photo had more of a cause-and-effect look to it than just a plain portrait for the Sandwich Wall of Fame! 

Lo and behold, this Big Daddy’s had some parking right across the street where a guy could stow his moto-whale and not have to strap on the hiking boots and provisions for the epic journey to the front door. As soon as I walked in the door, I realized why the place was familiar. There on the wall, struck in a pose of his typical subtlety, was a photo of none other than Guy Fieri! This place had been on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! 

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