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She’ll just wing it

Guy No. 2's mother Elsie impresses the family with her spice tolerance.

Some people feel that variety is the spice of life. I’m on board with that concept, but I think we need to remember that spice is actually a bigger part of the spice of life. Bland doesn’t work that well a lot of the time. Sure, it has its place. “Man, what a great funeral! And the food! Did you try the _____?” 

Other than that, a bit more flavor is typically a good thing. 

My folks, my sister, her daughter and I found ourselves on a trip to Alaska in an RV with plenty of time on our hands. Rather than just stopping at a grocery store and filling up with ham sandwiches and all the potato chips we could haul, we decided to hit a few spots for meals instead and leave the service to someone else. This was vacation. The whole point of it is to relax and see a few things you don’t normally see in your daily life. In the case of my mother in particular, the whole point for us was to get someone else to do all the cooking and give her a break. After all, this year marks my parents’ 60thanniversary. Mom has been in charge of cooking for a long time. 

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Some of the meal choices were left to me. My decision was influenced by a couple of different things. The food was right close to the top, but access to it was a pretty close second. You don’t just whip into any joint in the world with a 31’ Winnebago as your mode of transport. Stopping somewhere to eat was usually a two-step process. I’d pull up to the front door and let my passengers out. Then I’d do my best to find a parking space somewhere within easy walking distance for me that would still allow me to get the moto-whale back out of that spot when we were done. On a couple of occasions, the foot miles I was wracking up didn’t match up with the rest of my party. “Oh, the sign says RV parking is somewhere down the street, toward the bottom of the hill.” 

We got lucky on one of my choices. I tossed out Mexican food as an option and it was well-received. Not only that, but the Mexican place was right next to the highway with a huge parking lot that was almost empty. My crew was still on Central Time, so we were hungry in the middle of the afternoon when no one was around. We whipped in the parking lot (okay, as whipped as you can with a moto-whale) and got ourselves a table in short order. That’s when I discovered a menu item I’d never had before – Halibut fish tacos. WOW! We need to figure out a way to get fresh halibut somewhere within an hours’ drive of my house on a regular basis. The Mexican part of it only made things better. 

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