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Ranger Rick enters my 57-step rehab program

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Guy No. 2 battles a critter on his Iowa farm.

He then moved himself partway down the roof and decided he'd try to climb around the roof to get away. Maybe hiding under one of the support pipes would be his salvation. 

That's the same concept as an elephant hiding behind a sapling. It’s not even close to effective. In fact, it just made me pull out another weapon.  This one was a rifle.  A couple warning shots near The Rickster's head got him nervous enough to move from his lair under the pipe.  We had to be careful to keep the shots at or above his level, though.  No sense putting a hole in the roof of the bin and later have a few thousand bushels of corn rot from the rain and snow that would creep in the hole. 

With the air blowing through the pneumatic tube and the ongoing volley of rifle fire, The Rickster was faced with dwindling options.  This chess game was not working out like he'd planned. We took a brief break so as to totally psych him out. No noise. No movement. The coast sure looked clear from The Rickster's viewpoint. 

That's when he gave up and made his bold move. He'd head down those stairs and get the heck out of this crazy place! 

I stepped out from behind my location right as The Rickster was partway down the stairs. He paused briefly to look at me. I smiled as he turned to accelerate his descent down the steps and get away from me.

Darn the luck, geometry and geography were not in The Rickster's favor. The steps of the bin and his position as he descended them worked great for me. One or two steps into his descent after our renewed acquaintance, he crossed a step that lined up perfectly for me and my weapon. All I saw at the end of my barrel was daylight as I was standing to the side of the stairs. When the daylight was eclipsed by Rickster's torso, I squeezed the trigger. 

Let's just say that The Rickster made much better time getting down from the bin than he did getting up. It was 57 steps to get into my special rehab program, but The Rickster was a star student. He finished the second half of the program in about sixteen. 

The final move in the chess game was made by the buzzards. They play as a team and always take the time to think things through. 

Check and mate, Rickster.  Your move. 

Guy No. 2

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