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Ranger Rick enters my 57-step rehab program

Guy No. 2 battles a critter on his Iowa farm.

Running won't help when there's only one place to go.  He could either take the stairs back down, or take one really, really big leap off the roof.  What with the eave being 30 feet off the ground, I figured that the stairs would be his only true option. 

Helpful cuss that I am, I decided to aid The Rickster in his decision-making process. Assistance was summoned. It appeared in the form of Guy No. 1 and one of my friends, Mr. Winchester.   

Even though I've never played chess, I'm vaguely familiar with the concept.  You always need to be thinking ahead. It looked to me like the idea of walking up the stairs with a loaded weapon and being greeted by The Rickster at the top may not be the most desirable. This is a bin staircase, not a hotel lobby. Space is kind of tight up there. I wasn't exactly in a safety harness, either, so I didn't think the idea of getting all kinds of recoil was the best way to stabilize myself at the top of the stairs as a snarling Rickster came at me! 

Another mechanical issue presented itself. We switched from filling the bins with augers to a pneumatic system a couple years ago. The corn flows from the dryer into a tube where a giant blower forces the corn through the tube and up the side of the bin. The tube then reaches an endpoint where an attachment directs the corn into the bin below. 

Escape artist genius that he felt he was, Ranger Rick decided he'd simply crawl into the tube and get away from us. Practicality came back and bit him in the butt, though. That freshly-bitten butt was too husky to fit inside the tube! Ranger Rick was pretty much an ostrich with his head in the sand up there on top the bin roof. He kept trying and trying to get himself into the tube, but couldn't make it happen. 

Once again, always the Good Samaritan, I went the extra mile. I walked over to the control panel on the hopper bin by the dryer and flipped the switch. A large and sudden blast of air did a really nice job of changing The Rickster's thoughts on air tube escapes. 

Well, that's just mean, you're thinking. Yeah, well, chess is fun, the way I play it. My game, my rules. Deal with it. 

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