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Ranger Rick enters my 57-step rehab program

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Guy No. 2 battles a critter on his Iowa farm.

You can take a mess and get it corrected sometimes with a little effort. Some messes don't get straightened out as easily. The extra effort isn't always appropriately rewarded. Other times, minimal effort yields big results. The final outcome is all that really matters. 

There has been an ongoing struggle between me and the local raccoon population for a number of years. It reached feud stage a few years ago during A.I. season. I parked my ATV outside the cattle shed one evening while I got my cows sorted off and put into the working facilities to get bred. By the time I was done, it was dark outside. It's not the worst place in the world to work a lot of the time, because the working facilities are frequently right next to the area where I store a bunch of big square bales of alfalfa. The people at Glade would be hard-pressed to make an air freshener as potent or as pervasive as a few tons of decent hay. 

I walked outside to my four-wheeler and swung my leg over the seat to get on and head in for something to eat. Right as my leg made the peak of its arc, it met some stiff resistance. That resistance was in the form of Ranger Rick, who had taken his position on the seat before climbing the stack of bales to rest for the evening. 

A bold move on his part, no question. A wise one? Hardly. 

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