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Rain-delayed planting gives way to erratic crop conditions

Field reporter Daryl Bridenbaugh spots shelled corn, the perfect rain, and eerie red lights during travels through Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.


Field editor and Team FIN product tester Daryl Bridenbaugh offers this report for the week of Sept. 11, 2011.

We have received 8 in. of rain in the last 2 1/2 weeks in northwest Ohio. Since we were dry here all summer, this was a perfect rain for us. Now the crops that were planted in June are finally growing well. We have relatives living in central Pennsylvania who were inundated with rain. They had 13 in. of rain in 72 hours of time. Roads were washed out and buildings were swept away by the mountain streams. We are hoping that sunny weather continues and that we don't have an early frost. 

I traveled to western Indiana last week on Route 6, which is near the top of the state. Some of the corn had already been shelled. Crop maturity is all over the place because of the rain-delayed planting season and dry summer weather. Some farmers were still using their pivots to irrigate their crops.

When coming home from Indiana after dark, I saw a series of eerie red lights in the sky. I couldn't figure out what they were. They were staggered all over the place. Then I remembered that the windmill farm was in that area. We are getting some breezy days now so I am sure the windmills are producing a lot of electricity. I read on the Internet last week that one of the next big developments will be battery packs of various sizes that will store excess electricity and release it when it is needed. 


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