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Outdoor power tools that don’t use gas or ethanol

An article we posted earlier this month about the outdoor power equipment industry’s concerns over E15 generated a comment from CORE Outdoor Power (, Polson, Mont. Founded nine years ago, CORE has developed technology that replaces gasoline (or E15) engine-powered tools, such as trimmers and blowers. The company expects to launch push lawn mowers and pruners in late 2013 as well.

Lincoln Jore, the company’s president, says the technology involves eliminating the wire windings used in conventional motors. Instead, it embeds copper-etched conductors in a printed circuit board to form a stator that works together with magnets to produce torque.

The CORE technology does not produce emissions. It does, however, produce high current, high power in a small, lightweight package, Jore says. This September, the company will introduce a gasless blower that is two to five pounds lighter than gas-powered units.

CORE’s outdoor power equipment is competitively priced with mid-range commercial units, Jore says.


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