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Iowa farmer Jeff Ryan takes a trip South to Disney World's Epcot and has a Moroccan culinary adventure.

Every time we turned around, it seemed we must have been on menu steroids or something, because we kept hitting home run after home run! Of course, it is Florida, so we probably could have stopped somewhere at a strip mall and found someone to help us with our nutrition work. Seems to me that a certain overpaid baseball player "has a guy" in Florida who helps him with his nutrition balancing from time to time. Everybody needs a guy.

My guy is a Mr. Walter Disney. Granted, he's a past tense type of guy these days, but he's still my guy. He and his staff have done an outstanding job of creating an excellent environment for me to relax. I love Disney World, and I especially love it in the middle of winter when few other people are enjoying it with me.

The part that Sherill and I have found most surprising over the past few years is how well Walt and his team have done at surprising us with tremendous food choices. Great flavor and great variety have been the key for us.

Our trip to Disney World with my folks last October for Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival was sort of a follow-up to their previous trip there last spring. They didn't get to see a special festival last spring, but they were impressed enough to go back with us for Food & Wine Fest in October. The quality and variety of the food blew them away after all of the pictures and links we had shown them before we went.

One thing we noticed last fall was covered extensively in a blog I subscribe to online that is nothing but food at Disney. There was construction going on at the part of World Showcase at Epcot where the country of Morocco has their display. A new restaurant was in the works. It would sit right on the shore of World Showcase Lagoon and offer diners a gorgeous view of the lake.

Spice Road Table was the name. That felt quite inviting to me. The reviews made it sound even better.

Sherill and I made our way to Epcot on our first day in Orlando and decided that the crowd wasn't bad at all, so maybe we should stop at the new place in Morocco to see what it was like. The menu board out front gave us a good idea of what our options were. Our choices would be very similar to what we see at Food & Wine Festival each fall. There would be several small portions you could sample rather than gambling on one big entree.

The Disney Food Blog had given me a couple of ideas. First of all, the sampling platters were excellent, so be sure to try them. Second, get ready for when the bill shows up, because you're going to get started on a couple of smaller items and then it's going to snowball on you. Next thing you know, it's not the cheap snack you thought it might be.

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