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Iowa farmer Jeff Ryan takes a trip South to Disney World's Epcot and has a Moroccan culinary adventure.

Is there such a thing as too much flavor? I don't think there is. While we're at it, I'm not sure there is such a thing as too much variety, either. We may think we eat a variety of foods, but here's a suggestion for you. Try writing down everything you eat for two weeks straight. That's what I had to do 13 years ago when I got an insulin pump. My medical team wanted to know the serving size and exact description of everything I ate for two weeks. We would then review the list and go over how many grams of carbohydrates are in each of those items.

Guess what? It's pretty easy to fall into a dietary pattern like Homer Simpson does -- "It's Thursday. That means pork chops!"

That's why I love to break up the routine whenever I get a chance. Choosing a wedding date got a bit easier three years ago when I reminded my bride-to-be that a cold weather choice would probably make it a whole lot easier to talk me into an anniversary trip each year to celebrate. This winter sure made it easy to get out of Dodge and see some warmer country. It's only the single digits of February and we will more than likely be in the top five winters for most days reaching below zero within the next week. Taking out the all-time record of 41 days looks like it's within reach.

Another wrinkle was thrown into the life mix this year, too. A friend of mine who is a professor of International Marketing had a job offer in Florida that she accepted. She has gone from north-central Iowa to a variety of jobs around the Midwest and has now landed at the University of Tampa. She is also a frequent beef customer, so her desire is for me to come and visit frequently and hopefully bring a suitcase full of beef with me when I get there. Her U-haul had a couple coolers filled last summer when she moved.

The weather gods, the scheduling gods at Sherill's job and the airline ticket algorithm gods smiled on us this year. I managed to find tickets that matched up with Sherill's window of time off and still started with a 1, so we hit the road and then the air to get us to Florida in January.

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