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Big shows kick off 2014 with new tech, trends and hot products for your farm.

During the 2013 Super Bowl (one infinitely more interesting than the latest one) a beer company showed off a little dog named Here We Go and whenever he heard the name off he trotted to bring back beer. While when I say "here we go" that's not what happens, this week someone, or some pet, bringing a beer at the end of the day might be welcome.

That's right it's time to head for another farm show. If you follow this blog, and please do, you know that I like farm shows. And this week we're firing up to head for the National Farm Machinery Show. Sure our friends in Tulare have a show as well and we have staffers out there from other publications, but for Farm Industry News Louiville, Ky., is our destination.

We're conducting four seminars Wednesday through Friday covering cloud computing, variable rate irrigation, vertical tillage and unmanned aerial systems - check out the seminar list. It's worth checking out. And we honor our FinOvation winners too.

But we're there to look for new products and technologies for your farm. We plan on posting fresh galleries starting this week and they'll carry into next week -there's that much to see. And we know you go to shows for that powerful one-stop opportunity to catch up on the latest tools, machines and technologies for their operations.

If you can't make it, keep checking back, and if you do make it - stop by one of our seminars to check out what companies are up to on these hot topics.

So why do I like farm shows? It's not the endless walking, the crowds or the great food (though shows have great food). It's the chance to connect with key players in the industry. The software and hardware of agriculture is constantly changing, the new biotech tools, the new crop protection products and the new equipment you have to work with is changing.

There's no better place to learn more about that than at a big farm show - whether you're talking National Farm Machinery Show or the World Ag Expo. Either way, and whichever you attend, you'll hve plenty to see. And if you find something very interesting, drop me an email - we're always looking for hot topics and products that farmers find useful for their operations. Just drop a note to

Oh and remember, wear comfortable shoes and enjoy the show.

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