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Sep 14, 2012

Biodiesel volumes raised under RFS

“This was an incredibly important decision, and the Obama Administration got it right," said Joe Jobe, CEO, National Biodiesel Board....More
Sep 12, 2012

Beginning to harvest weak crops

Some of the corn here is ready to harvest. The stalks are extremely weak. Most of the soybeans are going to need two to four weeks before they are....More
Sep 05, 2012

Belfries "R" Us

One guy standing in a loader bucket trying to screw a four-foot-long wooden rocket onto a pole several feet in the air isn't the exact recipe for....More
Sep 04, 2012

Death and taxes: Estate and gift tax exemption to expire soon

If you don’t plan to die before Dec. 31, you’d better read this: The largest estate and gift tax exemption ever offered in history....More
Sep 04, 2012

Crop insurance yields: 59, 79 and 208 bu./acre

All head are up in western Illinois thanks to hurricane Isaac. Kent's head is up enjoying the slow steady rain. The head is up on our....More
Aug 29, 2012

Case IH and New Holland announce final approach to fight emissions

And they say it couldn’t be done. Ever since the EPA came out with its latest emission guidelines, called Tier 4, most engine experts....More
Aug 21, 2012

2012 Farm Progress preview: What’s coming from AGCO

  With just one week before show time, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of some of the new products to be unveiled at the 2012 Farm....More
Aug 14, 2012

Where’s the corn?

Wikipedia defines "corn" as a cereal crop with no mention of kernels.  So I can honestly say that I am feeding my cows "chopped....More
Aug 13, 2012

Cool, wet weather on Ohio farm

We have been having cool late-September-type weather with plenty of rain. The community I live in looks like the Garden of Eden in comparison to....More
Aug 10, 2012

Ag players at odds over RFS

"Waiving the RFS mandate for ethanol may have a smaller impact on the price of corn or the quantity of corn available for feed than many expect."....More
Aug 06, 2012

Are there any questions?

I think I may have a new best friend. Sherill works with a variety of people at Mayo Clinic. Most of them have limited farm backgrounds. One in....More
Jul 31, 2012

My U.S. corn yield prediction: 120 bu./acre

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, what is being reported in the media is probably worse than the reality of the drought and its effect on the U.S....More
Jul 27, 2012

API sues EPA over cellulosic biofuels quota

"They lost the first time and we think they’re going to lose again,” said Growth Energy's Frohlich about the American Petroleum Institute's lawsuit....More
Jul 25, 2012

Biofuels rollin’ on the river?

The Missouri and Mississippi rivers and their floodplains could help create about two-thirds of the 21 billion gallons of biofuels called for in....More
Jul 20, 2012

Severe drought compared to drought of 1988

Headlines throughout the media are comparing the intensifying drought we are experiencing to the drought of 1988. Considered the worst drought year....More
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