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Jul 09, 2009

Is Your Auto Technician Up to Date on Ethanol?

Today, I received an e-mail from the Renewable Fuels Association announcing the publication of the newest in the....More
Jun 25, 2009

Ag Gets a Save (For Now) With Climate Change Bill Amendment

This week, Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) authored an amendment to the American Clean Energy....More
Jun 18, 2009

New Developments Bring Cellulosic Ethanol Closer to Reality

Two announcements from the ethanol industry this week show progress on the challenging issue of cost-effectively....More
Jun 11, 2009

Financial Assistance for Producing Biomass

I just signed up to receive e-mail updates on the progress of the Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP). If you want....More
Jun 02, 2009

What if?

What would happen if the government eliminated tax credits, tariffs and mandates supporting corn ethanol use? Ethanol....More
May 28, 2009

Watch for Price Spreads Between E85, Gas

What a surprise--gas prices are on the climb again. They have risen so fast that G8 energy ministers have urged oil....More
May 21, 2009

This Week’s Developments Show Big Oil Moving into Ethanol Business

The acquisition of bankrupt Northeast Biofuels by Sunoco Inc. this week marks what will likely be a continuing trend....More
May 14, 2009

Biofuels Research Advances

While the biofuels industry is facing challenging times right now, it is important not to lose sight of the research....More
May 05, 2009

Obama Issues Directive to Expedite Biofuel Investments

President Obama today issued a presidential directive to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to “aggressively accelerate the....More
May 01, 2009

Indirect Land Use Bill Introduced

This week, Senator John Thune (R-SD) introduced a bill to prevent attempts to use inaccurate indirect land use models....More
Apr 29, 2009

Valero Energy Corp. Reports First Quarter Earnings

Valero Energy Corporation ( yesterday reported its first quarter 2009 net income of $309 million, or....More
Apr 24, 2009

BIO Fights for Advanced Biofuels, Biobased Products

“The U.S. and world economies have evolved over 100 years to rely on petroleum. It will take time to transform the....More
Apr 15, 2009

Emission Reductions Could be Big Business for Ag & Forestry Sectors

Last year, the 25x25 Alliance formed a Carbon Work Group to analyze the roles of agriculture and forestry in a reduced....More
Apr 08, 2009

Aventine Renewable Energy Files for Chapter 11

Just months after VeraSun Energy filed for Chapter 11, another ethanol producing giant, Aventine Renewable Energy....More
Apr 08, 2009

Fuel Pump Test Results Bode Well for Higher Ethanol Blends

The Minnesota Center for Automotive Research at Minnesota State University, Mankato, recently published the results of....More
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