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Oct 30, 2009

New Cellulosic Ethanol Projects = New Jobs

My small town has lost a few businesses recently. I’m sure you’ve seen the same in your towns. The picture has been....More
Oct 23, 2009

Renewable Energy Standard Would Boost Farm Revenue, Study Finds

Agriculture will have significant market opportunities ahead if Congress enacts a national renewable energy (RES)....More
Oct 16, 2009

Flex Ethanol Facility Launched in Pennsylvania

Coskata, Inc. launched a semi-commercial-scale (or demonstration) biorefinery in Madison, PA, this week that will....More
Oct 09, 2009

Cob Harvest Equipment Demo to be Held at Project LIBERTY Next Month

In last week’s blog, I noted that POET will work with equipment manufacturers to help speed the process of getting corn....More
Oct 02, 2009

DOE Funding Could Boost Cellulosic Ethanol Infrastructure

POET, the Sioux Falls, SD-based ethanol giant announced this week that it will get a $6.85 million funding increase to....More
Sep 18, 2009

Algae-Fueled Car Finishes Cross Country Tour

Algaeus, the first plug-in hybrid vehicle to cross the U.S. on fuel containing a blend of algae-based fuel, finishes....More
Sep 11, 2009

Ethanol “Blend Wall” Remains a Concern, Says Purdue’s Tyner

As key players in the ethanol industry, corn growers need to be aware that the corn-based ethanol industry is very....More
Aug 13, 2009

Platts Cellulosic Ethanol Conference, Worth the Investment

If you’ve never attended a Platts conference before, I’d like to draw your attention to its fourth annual Cellulosic....More
Aug 06, 2009

Biomass Program Assistance Now Available to Producers

Producers can now begin the process of applying for Collection, Harvest, Storage and Transportation (CHST) assistance....More
Jul 23, 2009

ExxonMobil Invests in Biofuels

Last week, ExxonMobil announced that it will invest $300 million into in-house algae research and up to an additional....More
Jul 09, 2009

Is Your Auto Technician Up to Date on Ethanol?

Today, I received an e-mail from the Renewable Fuels Association announcing the publication of the newest in the....More
Jun 25, 2009

Ag Gets a Save (For Now) With Climate Change Bill Amendment

This week, Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) authored an amendment to the American Clean Energy....More
Jun 18, 2009

New Developments Bring Cellulosic Ethanol Closer to Reality

Two announcements from the ethanol industry this week show progress on the challenging issue of cost-effectively....More
Jun 11, 2009

Financial Assistance for Producing Biomass

I just signed up to receive e-mail updates on the progress of the Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP). If you want....More
Jun 02, 2009

What if?

What would happen if the government eliminated tax credits, tariffs and mandates supporting corn ethanol use? Ethanol....More
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