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Oct 18, 2010

Precision ag as environmental savior

  If you watch this two-minute YouTube clip of the new documentary, Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story, you might get the same....More
Oct 15, 2010

Tire care checklist

Before heading out to the field, do a quick check of your tires to ensure they’re ready for the job. According to engineering research,....More
Oct 14, 2010

Study pegs Bt corn's economic benefits at $7 billion

Study pegs Bt corn’s economic benefits at $7 billion Bt is paying big benefits, for farmers who plant Bt corn hybrids and even for....More
Oct 13, 2010

EPA grants E15 waiver for model 2007 and newer cars, light trucks

Conceivably, E15 could now be used to fuel 65 million model 2007 and newer cars and light duty trucks on the roads today, representing more than one-....More
Oct 12, 2010

Tier 4 rules will change tractor engines

In the latest family debate over car buying, my 21-year-old son declared, “Mom, you buy the car for the engine.” I thought about his....More
Oct 11, 2010

Is a drone plane in your future?

  Drone technology that allows the U.S. military to remotely fly airplanes on the other side of the world is now available for the farm. For....More
Oct 05, 2010

New Holland offers self-propelled sprayers built by Miller-St. Nazianz

New Holland has entered the growing self-propelled sprayer market with two new sprayer lines manufactured by Miller-St. Nazianz. The new sprayer....More
Oct 04, 2010

Farm Works streamlines mobile software lineup

Farm Works has replaced its previous Trac Mate and Site Mate software modules with a new integrated software package called Farm Works Mobile -- and....More
Oct 01, 2010

The Heat, Line 1

Here’s Jeff’s account of how he came to be the proud owner of one of only six Ranch Hands ever made, a machine that Jeff describes as “a hybrid....More
Sep 29, 2010

Midwest farmland prices rise slightly

Illinois appraisers group reports slightly higher farmland prices for first six months. Cash rent for 2011 are expected to increase as well....More
Sep 29, 2010

Blend Requirement Expected to Help Canadian Grain Growers

What impact will a new Canadian fuel requirement have on U.S. corn growers?....More
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