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Apr 26, 2013

Ethanol facility restarts, production on the rise

Strengthening ethanol prices, reduced feedstock costs, export demand and strong demand for distillers grains have been "helpful in terms of propping....More
Apr 23, 2013

Can West, TX, fertilizer explosion happen on farms?

The recent explosion in West, Texas, has put anhydrous ammonia safety in the news, raising the question of whether the same catastrophe could....More
Apr 19, 2013

House Energy Committee continues review of RFS

Some argue that these price increases [for corn and soybeans] are directly attributable to the RFS, while others question the law’s effect on crop....More
Apr 18, 2013

Cold, wet weather in northwest Ohio

We have had lots of rain and cold temperatures in NW Ohio. I think all the wheat got top dressed and lots of anhydrous ammonia was put on corn....More
Apr 15, 2013

Do you know a great farm mom?

Time is running out for you to nominate your favorite farm mom America's Farmers Mom of the Year contest....More
Apr 12, 2013

Ethanol advocates fight bill at Capitol that that would cut production

Growth Energy, a coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, met on Capitol Hill this week to counter mounting attacks made by the oil industry to repeal....More
Apr 11, 2013

Goodlatte introduces legislation to eliminate RFS

"The [bill's] authors state they want a 'free market' for energy, but they do nothing to end the billions in subsidies to Big Oil."....More
Apr 08, 2013

Is your farm data ISOBUS compliant?

As reported last week in Farm Equipment, Agricultural Industry Electronic’s Foundation (AEF) will host its next ISOBUS Plugfest this month at....More
Apr 01, 2013

The drought is over in Ohio

The weather has been warmer than usual with lots of precipitation in Ohio....More
Mar 26, 2013

Engine Products Group asks for Supreme Court review related to E15

"We will push on to protect our consumers from the engine failure and product harm that comes from misfueling with E15,” says OPEI's Kris Kiser....More
Mar 25, 2013

Under consideration

If you have paid attention to these stories over the years, perhaps you’ve noticed that one particular vacation destination of mine shows up a bit....More
Mar 24, 2013

Poet says its corn stover removal rates are sustainable

Bioenergy producer Poet-DSM last week issued a response to a Purdue report stating that removing corn stover from fields can have negative effects....More
Mar 22, 2013

ACE sees strong political support for RFS

"We expect that the RFS will remain intact despite the oil industry spending millions to repeal it.”....More
Mar 21, 2013

Corn stover collection has trade-offs, Purdue study finds

"Some crop rotation and tillage combinations are more environmentally benign than others."....More
Mar 14, 2013

Oil subsidies “take the cake”

“If oil companies cannot stand on their own two feet after 100 years of clinging to certain taxpayer subsidies, Congress shouldn’t hurt American....More
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