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Oct 11, 2013

Here we go again, another lawsuit challenging RFS

“This is a lawsuit in search of a problem.”....More
Oct 07, 2013

The future is ... biological

Crop protection companies are branching out and it's going to enhance how you control a range of pests....More
Sep 30, 2013

The ultimate honey-do list

Jeff Ryan takes readers through another adventure on his Iowa farm as he embarks on a mission to find a good place to extract honey....More
Sep 27, 2013

E15 pumps open this week at Petro Serve USA stations in North Dakota

“Choice at the pump puts change in everyone’s pocket."....More
Sep 26, 2013

Keeping up to date 

Clouds, iPhones, Androids - all of them need updating, some are just easier than others....More
Sep 20, 2013

RINs market not immune to abuse, needs closer watching

". . . speculators and oil companies may be exploiting a thinly-traded and opaque RIN market for their own financial gain."....More
Sep 20, 2013

Making your iPhone new 

Apple releases new operating system for the iPhone that offers new look, added features....More
Sep 19, 2013

Complete this safety checklist

At the 2013 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL, Country Financial, the largest auto and home insurer in Illinois, was busy handing out flyers on....More
Sep 16, 2013

Buyer's guide to vertical tillage equipment

Buyers’ guide to vertical tillage equipment Vertical tillage is one of the most clicked on topics on our web site, and, according to....More
Sep 12, 2013

Taking bees seriously

Trip to Germany was an eye opener in a few ways....More
Sep 09, 2013

Gaining perspective on the ag industry in Argentina

Spending several days throughout Argentina left strong impressions on editors from around the world, particularly related to the country’s soybean....More
Sep 06, 2013

ACE’s Jennings on RFS and 2014

If any of these fuels fails to reach the minimum level in two consecutive years, by law EPA must adjust the levels, but not before 2016. “That is why....More
Sep 05, 2013

Ranger Rick enters my 57-step rehab program

Guy No. 2 battles a critter on his Iowa farm....More
Sep 04, 2013

“Flex Fuel Fridays” raise awareness of higher ethanol blends

When people can save a dollar per gallon for E85, that makes a big difference in their pocketbook....More
Sep 04, 2013

What excites a leading biotech researcher?

Robb Fraley, World Food Prize Laureate and Monsanto's Chief Technology Officer talks about the next-generation tech that has his interest....More
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