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Oct 18, 2016

Making the right argument

In the discussion of biotechnology, a new effort by key commodity groups talks benefits not science. Their argument: Moving away from biotech is a....More
Oct 11, 2016

A hurricane, a farm structure maker and the future

Haiti devastation shows better buildings needed, an ag structure maker has a solution that proved it could stand up to a hurricane....More
Oct 02, 2016

Permission to farm

There's an interesting, and loud, group of detractors out there for any use of tech in ag. It may be your biggest challenge....More
Sep 21, 2016

A passion for pulses

Around the world they call them pulses, here in the U.S. we call them beans. Either way Irvin Widders is enthused about the potential for this....More
Sep 15, 2016

A little load balancing among friends

A good hands-free device for a cell phone can get a guy into more fun than he could ever imagine. For instance, my phone rang a few weeks ago as I....More
Sep 15, 2016

Mergers, acquisitions and the future

Latest news from Bayer-Monsanto shows continued shakeup of the ag industry where a lot of forces are at play. A little perspective....More
Sep 08, 2016

The rise of digital farming

Data-focused agriculture is no longer a new idea, but there are still new ways companies want to engage you and your farm's information....More
Sep 02, 2016

Post show reflection - weather, innovation and a real winner

Still digging through notes, press kits and a ton of photos but all because there was plenty to see at the 2016 Farm Progress Show....More
Aug 31, 2016

17,000 steps and what did I see?

We dodged the rain bullet on Day 1 at the Farm Progress Show site, which mean there were field demos and the weather stayed cloudy and cool –....More
Aug 30, 2016

That time of year – fun for a farm show junky

The Farm Progress Show kicks off today and we're on the ground moving to keep up with plenty of new tools and technology....More
Aug 23, 2016

5 tips for success at the Farm Progress Show

We're getting ready for the big show next week and we thought you'd like a few tips to help maximize your time....More
Aug 18, 2016

Technology responsibility and dicamba trouble

We're supposed to be stewards of the technology we use - all of us. Yet that's not what appears to be happening with new-tech seeds....More
Aug 11, 2016

Letter from Ohio - key word: Dry

Blogger Daryl Bridenbaugh offers perspective on the summer in his part of Ohio....More
Aug 10, 2016

Celebrating birthdays, marking a machine milestone

JCB introduced its fast machine tractor a quarter-century ago....More
Aug 03, 2016

Setting values in a high-tech industry

New patent lawsuit reminds this writer of the way values are set in a competitive industry....More
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