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End of corn planting on a northwest Ohio farm

People are coming from far away to plant corn in the area. Much of corn planting is completed, with about 10% of soybeans planted.

We finished planting corn on April 24. Everything was working so smoothly that I wish I would have had more corn acres to plant. I had a Ram Tradesman pickup truck to test on our farm for a week this spring. It had the hemi motor in it. We used it to run some errands and pick up some parts. The truck would do zero to 60 mph in seven seconds. It was so dusty at times when we were running errands that my wife had trouble seeing the road. There were a lot of huge, strange rigs running up and down the roads. People are coming from long distances away to farm farms around here. They are paying upwards of $300 per acre for corn and soybean ground. It is sad to see people burning all that fuel running up and down the roads. It is a very sad chapter in farming. It has been cold here so no corn is up in my township. I would say 90% of the corn is planted and 10% of the soybeans.

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