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Corn and soybean planting almost done in NW Ohio

10 days of dry fields allowed for the majority of corn and soybean planting to be completed in NW Ohio.

In my township in NW Ohio corn and soybean planting is nearly completed. All it took was about 10 days of dry fields to get the job done. Everyone seems to have plenty of planting capacity. Many people plant corn and soybeans at the same time with separate rigs. We are hoping for some nice rains this week. Record breaking warm temperatures are forecast.  I'll keep busy this week putting tillage tools and planters away and I will start applying liquid nitrogen to corn. A year ago I was in the intensive care unit of a hospital, unable to walk because of a tractor roll over accident I had while applying nitrogen. This year I'll use a larger tractor with a cab and I will be extremely careful on hillsides. I was very lucky that I wasn't totally crushed by the tractor and that I got help quickly enough so my legs were not permanently injured.

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