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Iowa farmer Jeff Ryan ventures out into the cold with his tractor to rescue a delivery van in the ditch.

I got my chain hooked on again for the final pull and told the Captain to leave the van in Neutral. (Oh, and stay the ___ away from the gas!!!)

My new angle enabled me to get the Captain and his vessel pulled completely onto solid ground. He was more than excited to get it done without any damage to the van, seeing as how he still had deliveries to make. By my count, there were two boxes in the van when he beached it. Good thing, too, because any more may have shifted his center of gravity and rolled him onto his side instead of being at the angle he was. His plan, he told me, was to go down the road for his next delivery. After his beachment, he went there and found no one home, so he went the other direction and found my aunt and uncle. Oddly enough, he didn't take the package with him when he stopped at the other house to see if they could pull him out.

As Captain Cruise Control reached into his wallet, I reached into my shirt pocket and got out a card. A quick glance at his wallet left me with the impression that this guy wasn't flush with cash, so I made him a deal. No charge for the extraction, Captain. Then I handed him my card. Just remember, a farmer helped you out. We're not that bad. (Thanks, Jill!)

Captain Cruise Control seemed happy with the way things turned out, but he was still not done for the day, so we bid farewell and he hit the road once again. Sure enough, he pulled into the next driveway down the road and left them their package. Then he headed back toward my place. In that short distance, he made the delivery and still got in front of me before I made it to the corner! Start to finish from when I arrived until Captain Cruise Control left, it was 19 minutes.

After getting back home, I got the tractor and the hay cannon backed in the shed and was ready to head for the house to shower and maybe make a late appearance at FowlFest when my phone rang. It was Guy No. 1.

"Hey, is the skid loader plugged in? I think UPS is stuck in my driveway."

Yeeeeaaah, it is. I'll be right down. You know, I just got done pulling Spee-Dee out south of P's. Should I prepare myself for an adventure with FedEx, too??? It would be the perfect delivery service hat trick for the day!

Guy No. 2 

Jeff Ryan is Guy No. 2 in the operation of Two Guys Farming, Inc., near Cresco, IA.

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