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Back to school

Iowa-based Team FIN farmer Jeff Ryan takes on a new business venture: Shrimp production.

It’s that time of year again. Time to head back to school and broaden the knowledge base. Time to meet new friends and reacquaint yourself with old ones. Going back to school is kind of what I’ve been doing, but not quite. 

No, I’m not working on a graduate degree. I took my education in a different direction. 

I bought my former school. 

Technically, “we” bought my former school. Sherill and I have entered into a purchase agreement with the city of Ridgeway that will end with us owning the former Ridgeway Elementary building where I attended kindergarten through sixth grade in the 1970’s. 

It all started with a link. I was looking through a newspaper online just before Christmas 2013. They had a story about a new business in their town that had recently opened up for customers. I thought it looked interesting, so I passed along a link to the story to Sherill. Within a day or two, a local TV station (where my televised brain surgery aired) did a story on that same business and its unique situation. 

Sherill had a couple days off from work, so she sat at her computer and did a bunch of Google work. It didn’t take long before she informed me that she felt we should get into this same business, based on what she had seen and learned in her research. 

Shrimp. ยป

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