Accuracy: ±6 to 8 in., ±3 to 5 in., ±2 to 4 in., 1 in. (RTK)

Components: IntelliView Plus II color touch-screen display, roof-mounted NH252 GPS receiver and antennae, RTK base station

Price: 6 to 8 in., $12,900; 3 to 5 in. and 2 to 4 in., $14,900; RTK, $20,400, with base station, $32,000

Plug and play availability: TG and TJ series tractors and CR9000 and CX8000 combines are guidance-ready from the factory. Wiring is ISO-BUS compliant, which allows a single terminal to monitor vehicle, equipment and guidance functions. New Holland dealers also handle automated steering products manufactured by Trimble.

Contact New Holland North America at 888/290-7377,, or circle 106.