Willie Vogt

Executive Director, Content and User Engagement,
Penton Farm Progress Group

Willie Vogt has been covering agriculture for more than 34 years from his early days at a weekly farm paper to his current position at Penton Farm Progress Group where he oversees an editorial business that includes 24 magazines and more than 29 websites. He has had the good fortune to cover key developments in agricultural technology during his career.

Willie graduated from Iowa State University in 1980 and eventually ended up in Minnesota. He joined Farm Progress full time in 1996 as technology editor and became Editorial Director in 2004. And recently he was named Executive Director, Content and User Engagement, for the Penton Farm Progress Group.

Groups to review Dow-DuPont move
Merger announced last week may be good news for investors, but is it good for the market? Farm groups and others weigh in on its potential impact.
Data dashboard, flex tire, seed tender
New Product Monday: Tools include a data dashboard from Conservis, high-flex tire from Alliance, bulk seed tender from Par-Kan, new strip-till rig from Kuhn Krause and a nitrogen-management seed treatment product from Verdesian
FarmLogs expands line with recommendation tools
The high-tech data analysis firm is adding nitrogen monitoring and variable rate prescriptions to its line. Recommendations based on proprietary profit zone tools.
Big hay tools, remote-control skid-steer
This week’s installment of New Product Monday includes a new forage harvester line from Krone, snow and dirt blades from Anbo, a remote control setup for a Cat skid-steer, a fan reverser for your Kubota RTV and an interesting way to keep power tools charged.
North Dakota man recognized for service as custom operator
Agco announces 2015 Operator of the Year. It’s part of a program to shine a spotlight on a key industry area. Honoree is a Mott, N.D. custom applicator.
Combine tool, fast tillage, new tracks
This week’s installment of New Product Monday offers new tools from Crary, Kongskilde, Ag Focus, Firestone and Steinbauer. And as usual it’s an interesting mix of tools and technologies.
Taking a closer look at UAV task force recommendation
Last week a task for the Federal Aviation Administration issues recommendations for drone use. Here’s a roundup of news on the topic from a range of sources offering insight into the issue.
Spray tender system, welder, cultivator
New Product Monday returns after our Agritechnica-driven break, with new products we know you’ll be seeing a the winter farm shows.
Wrapping up Agritechnica coverage
In this final gallery from the big European show we cover a wide range from a unique way to move carts through the field to a robot weed puncher (we are not kidding).
The business of buying
As you look ahead for 2016, the global ag market looks a lot different than it did just two years ago. Here are top tactics for moving forward with a look at trends and issues to guide your decision making for next year, and beyond.
Agritechnica Report: Baling, precision and a robot tractor
In this installment of our Agritechnica report, we offer at a range of new tools. Some aren’t headed to North America yet, but show some interesting tech developments.
Agritechnica: Another round of tech and ideas
In this gallery installment we run through some new tools from Claas, check out a new planter prototype idea and dig into some other tech tools as well.
Europe's biggest farm show offers plenty
We captured some initial products and other fun from the first preview day for Agritechnica 2015. And this is just a start, we'll offer more to see later this week. Check out this initial gallery for more.
New website aims to sell you ag tires
There's a new way to buy tires with the launch of a new website from a Nebraska firm that has built a significant business in the new and used tire trade. Web-based approach offers farmers a new way to keep equipment rolling.
Digging into the science of cellulosic ethanol
DuPont has opened the largest cellulosic ethanol plant in the country near Nevada, Iowa. Here's a look at the event, the issues surrounding ethanol, and details about the process and the innovations DuPont is bringing to renewable energy.

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