Willie Vogt

Executive Director, Content and User Engagement,
Penton Farm Progress Group

Willie Vogt has been covering agriculture for more than 34 years from his early days at a weekly farm paper to his current position at Penton Farm Progress Group where he oversees an editorial business that includes 24 magazines and more than 29 websites. He has had the good fortune to cover key developments in agricultural technology during his career.

Willie graduated from Iowa State University in 1980 and eventually ended up in Minnesota. He joined Farm Progress full time in 1996 as technology editor and became Editorial Director in 2004. And recently he was named Executive Director, Content and User Engagement, for the Penton Farm Progress Group.

UAV makers partner to expand market opportunity
PrecisionHawk, DJI join forces with new software partnership; PrecisionHawk also advances in the market with added funding including support from DuPont Pioner.
Drone tech boost, privacy protection, routers, Windows 10
Precision Hawk gets a financial bump; U.S. House takes an email privacy vote; find a new router; and Windows 10.
Heavy duty pickups haul more than big loads
Rising use of technology to differentiate brands brings offers of enhanced trailering, better steering and greater connectivity.
New genetic tools to boost productivity
There's a precision genetic tool being put to work in crop breeding that offers benefits for future elite, high-performing crops. Pioneer is moving forward with work on a commercial hybrid.
Putting data to work - Part 2
Just how will you put Big Data to work on your operation? In this installment we continue our look at the issue, including a resource guide for your farm.
Putting data to work - Part 1
Once you've collected all that information just how will you put it to work? You'll find a growing number of services and companies to help, here's the first of a two-part look at what they offer.
Industry reports available, outsiders invest in ag and telling the ag tech story
In this week's Friday Tech Five we look at a new report from a sister brand that offers farmers insight into equipment price trends and news from the investment community.
Choose propane power, get an incentive
The propane industry has been promoting ways farmers can make a fuel switch, and get a range of benefits. New research shows the move may pay off for many.
5 tech links to check on a Friday
We're trying something new on Fridays, a roundup of five top tech ideas and issues we ran across in the news this week.
The networked farm thrives
VIDEO ADDED: At Frahm Farmland near Colby, Kan., being connected is the only way to go. The approach allows the farm to cover many acres and manage each precisely.
5 tech areas to explore during spring planting
In the heat of planting and spraying, it’s time for a tech checkup, while what you're seeing is fresh in your mind.
New mid-range tractors launched
Massey Ferguson fires up the 5700SL series, which includes three models, and a range of enhanced cab features in the Deluxe version. It's part of the company's new global tractor lineup.
Company brings nanotech to crop products
Vive Crop Protection is launching a high-tech tool that makes familiar active ingredients work in new ways for improved performance.
Crop protection company rolls out new ag data tool
BASF launches Maglis as a tool for farmers, innovation specialists, to use to maximize efficiency and profit on the farm.
Leveraging your web connection
Ayrestone Productivity solves a customer problem by creating a new wi-fi tool to maximize its product line.

Continuing Education
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