Willie Vogt

Executive Director, Content and User Engagement,
Penton Farm Progress Group

Willie Vogt has been covering agriculture for more than 34 years from his early days at a weekly farm paper to his current position at Penton Farm Progress Group where he oversees an editorial business that includes 24 magazines and more than 29 websites. He has had the good fortune to cover key developments in agricultural technology during his career.

Willie graduated from Iowa State University in 1980 and eventually ended up in Minnesota. He joined Farm Progress full time in 1996 as technology editor and became Editorial Director in 2004. And recently he was named Executive Director, Content and User Engagement, for the Penton Farm Progress Group.

Ripper point, crop protection, grain dryer, and utility vehicle news
New Product Monday offers a new tool from 360 Yield Center, added crop protection technology from FMC, Mathews Company rolls out a new dryer, Deere launches new Gator models and Yamaha fires up a sweepstakes.
Court denies EPA move to vacate chemical label
Dow AgroSciences gets a boost from news that the regulatory agency won’t be stopping the sale of Enlist Duo.
Planter tracks, disc harrow and a mini-grapple
This week's installment of New Product Monday includes a look at a popular launch for a track maker, two new machines from Landoll, a mini-grapple for compact tractors and a product that makes irrigation water better.
Advance view system at work
Horsch, known for tillage and seeding in the U.S., has some interesting sprayer tech too. While not headed to the U.S. it shows an interesting tech trend.
Utility vehicle upgrades, splitting logs and a new grinder
New Product Monday offers an enhanced look at upgrades from Arctic Cat and Polaris to utility vehicles and side-by-sides. If you're looking to split logs Split-Fire has a new machine. And Dewalt has a new grinder.
Utility vehicle, precision tools, tires, new herbicide
Check out more details in this gallery on a new machine from Polaris, see what Ag Synergy has cooking for precision application, check out a new Alliance tire, Trimble fine-tunes irrigation management and Dow AgroSciences has new about Resicore.
Maximize your drone data
Sentera, a Minnesota firm with a long-history of unmanned aerial system work, has a new service that makes it easier to store, and find, all farm-gathered field imagery.
Data management for 2016
As more farmers turn to cloud-based systems to manage their data, there are a few issues to keep in mind.
Maximizing data for best returns
Fourth-generation farmer T.J. Coughenour uses new tools to boost returns. His incorporation of data into his decision making helps farm profitability. VIDEO ADDED
Our top 10 stories from 2015
We round up what you found the most interesting articles we published this year, and you'll find plenty of variety.
Grain drill enhancement, engine cleanout brushes, new scale
New Product Monday offers a look at five diverse products including a downforce system for John Deere drills, brushes for cleaning out diesel injectors, a new app for soil nutrient management, an adapter for skid-steer tools and a new system for grain inventory management.
Top 10 galleries of 2015
New tools and products highlight a year of innovation for agriculture, from new tractors to game-changing technologies, we covered a wide range of information.
In-furrow tech, application tool, new Gator
New Product Monday offers new tools from Amvac, Hagie, John Deere, Best Way and FMC. Oh, and an end-of-the-year bonus.
Tax extenders become permanent
Congress delivers interesting holiday gift with new tax rules that make some tech, equipment buying tax benefits available for the long term.
Groups to review Dow-DuPont move
Merger announced last week may be good news for investors, but is it good for the market? Farm groups and others weigh in on its potential impact.

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