Willie Vogt

Executive Director, Content and User Engagement,
Penton Farm Progress Group

Willie Vogt has been covering agriculture for more than 34 years from his early days at a weekly farm paper to his current position at Penton Farm Progress Group where he oversees an editorial business that includes 24 magazines and more than 29 websites. He has had the good fortune to cover key developments in agricultural technology during his career.

Willie graduated from Iowa State University in 1980 and eventually ended up in Minnesota. He joined Farm Progress full time in 1996 as technology editor and became Editorial Director in 2004. And recently he was named Executive Director, Content and User Engagement, for the Penton Farm Progress Group.

Need for speed 1
The rise of electric planter drives offers more precision and the ability to run faster than ever before.
Survey offers consumer insights on seed, crop tech 1
American Seed Trade Association conducted an interesting survey that looked at consumer attitudes and got some interesting findings.
Getting machines to communicate
Coordinating multiple machines in the same field is getting easier than ever.
Drones closer to legal use 1
Federal Aviation Administration issues proposed new rules for use of unmanned aerial vehicles.
14 new tools from Louisville 1
We're wrapping up our National Farm Machinery Show coverage with a final gallery, this time from exhibitors in the North Building.
FAA moves forward with UAS rules 1
The long-awaited proposal for smaller unmanned aerial system, or UAS, rules offers hope for wider use of drones in agriculture.
New guidelines for handling farm data
Industry group comes up with guidelines for how to handle your farm information.
Silicon Valley comes to agriculture
Farm innovators have new places to turn for development funding. Silicon Valley players are changing the way innovation is financed. And the system offers more than money, providing entrepreneurs with added management help.
Maximizing yield data
With wireless data transfer and a connection to a trusted provider, farmers can maximize yield data for crop management.
Heavy duty pickups at a glance
Looking for a real farm work truck in 2015? This gallery of heavy duty models offers insight to specs, features from the big brands.
Putting data tools to work
A North Dakota producer is finding that telematics and remote management tools have value.
Retooling drip irrigation technology
Two companies are taking a new look at drip irrigation and offering new approaches.
Soil sensors for efficient irrigation
Soil sensors deployed for irrigation can make a difference in resource management and crop yield.
Dual-fuel engine saver
Kit allows for propane displacement in diesel engines to save on fuel.
2015 FinOvation Award winners
Here’s a look at the 2015 FinOvation honorees chosen by our readers.

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