Willie Vogt

Executive Director, Content and User Engagement,
Penton Farm Progress Group

Willie Vogt has been covering agriculture for more than 34 years from his early days at a weekly farm paper to his current position at Penton Farm Progress Group where he oversees an editorial business that includes 24 magazines and more than 29 websites. He has had the good fortune to cover key developments in agricultural technology during his career.

Willie graduated from Iowa State University in 1980 and eventually ended up in Minnesota. He joined Farm Progress full time in 1996 as technology editor and became Editorial Director in 2004. And recently he was named Executive Director, Content and User Engagement, for the Penton Farm Progress Group.

Mac vs. Windows, auto-drive innovation and tiny satellites
For Tech Five this week we get news from IBM that Mac's are better; Tesla pre-installs auto-drive tools; tiny satellites; and your bonus.
Are cover crops reaching a tipping point?
There's science behind the adoption of new technology and practices, the challenge is reaching critical mass. Cover crops may be getting close.
Do you know your API? An explainer
Today's tech-enhanced equipment relies on programming and sensors to get work done, but how is that equipment shared? The application program interface.
Melting batteries, more books, and a smart phone challenge
Technology seems to have backfired on Samsung, which is responsible for two of five entries this week, but there's more. Check out this week's Tech Five.
Deere announces deal for Precision Planting products
With this announced deal Ag Leader gets a range of Precision Planting products to sell in the market. Move maintains market competitiveness for key planting tech.
Rethinking the grain dryer heat reclaimer
Improving efficiency of grain dryers is a challenge, but a new system developed by GSI offers the potential for propane savings.
Data analysis can uncover hidden farm costs
Work by one farm information company shows the true cost of something as simple as a lost scale ticket as it looked at a range of harvest costs.
Smart phone news, self-driving car milestone
Tech world talks Google innovations, Verizon drone data plan and Facebook looking at free web offering for the U.S.
On a mission to 'agvocate'
Reaching consumers with a modern ag message will take work, information sharing, and farmers, according to Bayer's David Hollinrake.
Put digital farming to work for you
We offer insight into ways to maximize digital farming for your operation from machine communication to crop modeling.
Tracking forage info pays
VIDEO ADDED: The head of cropping systems for the Purdue Animal Science Research Center is getting near real-time forage data, which is helping him put up better feed.
Drone history, printer ink and Google
We're looking at drone tech, some controversy with HP and Google, and even something else Samsung makes that might be exploding.
Robb Fraley: Amplifying key ag messages
Chief Technology Officer for Monsanto talks about the future of ag technology and what it will take to help the world feed itself
New seedcare tech facility opens
Syngenta opens U.S. based Seedcare Institute to add to its network of development and training facilities around the world.
Tips for telling the biotech story
Kevin Folta has been a public face in the anti-GMO battle, he offers insight into how we can tell our story. He explains the importance of gaining consumer trust as new tech becomes available.

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