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A profile of Syngenta: Expansion of its core business and more

Welcome to Basel, Switzerland, home to Syngenta. In this picturesque city located along the banks of the Rhine River, you’ll find the headquarters to a company that extends its reach to more than 90 countries around the world with its more than 26,000 employees.

Although the company in its present form was created in late 2000 when Novartis and AstraZeneca merged their agribusinesses, its parent company roots stretch back well over 200 years. In fact, the company can trace its roots to Geigy, which was formed in 1758.

A look inside Syngenta: Q & A with COO Davor Pisk

It’s been a busy year for Syngenta. Healthy growth in the company’s crop protection and seeds businesses worldwide, new products, and a pipeline with products in their final stages of commercial introduction have put worldwide sales at approximately $10.4 billion in the first nine months of 2011.

Alternative energy is a major topic at Agritechnica 2011
The influence of sustainable agricultural systems is evident at Agritechnica 2011, with two buildings filled with companies devoted to alternative energy solutions for the farm — from biogas to solar to wind, and everything in between.
Tackling weed resistance
Farmers should have a playbook for fighting resistance as the list of herbicide-resistant weeds continues to grow.
Corn seed production may drop 20% in 2012
Seed companies may see up to a 20% drop in U.S. seed yields
Court denies Syngenta request against Bunge
Syngenta's complaint against Bunge has been denied by a U.S. federal district court.
Agritechnica preview: Fendt unveils three new 700 Vario tractors
Get a sneak preview of the three new models in AGCO's Fendt 700 Vario series, which the company will introduce at Agritechnica 2011.
Bayer CropScience to focus heavily on soybeans, wheat
Bayer CropScience is taking a strong position in building its soybean and wheat portfolio, which the company says will mean a broad array of products available to U.S. producers.
How seed companies analyze vast amounts of data
Plant breeders must analyze vast amounts of data to bring new hybrids and varieties to the market. In 2001, Pioneer generated about one million data points for the year. In 2010, the company collected one million data points a day.
Refuge-in-a-bag seed products ready for 2012 corn crop
Seed companies expect refuge-in-a-bag (RIB) products to be the hottest seed items to be sold in the next few years. Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences and Pioneer Hi-Bred have RIB products approved for 2012 and Syngenta is awaiting approval.
Monsanto responds to Bt resistance study
Monsanto responds to the recent study conducted y Aaron Gassmann, Iowa State University, documenting the first case of corn rootworm resistance to Bt hybrids expressing the Cry3Bb1 toxin.
In-field resistance to Bt corn rootworm trait documented
The first documented case of corn rootworm resistance to Bt hybrids expressing the Cry3Bb1 toxin (found in Yieldgard RW, Yieldgard VT3 and SmartStax hybrid) has been documented by Iowa State University researchers.
Corn prices, drying costs affect decision to switch corn hybrids
Growers are nervous about corn that has already been planted and corn that's not been planted. University of Wisconsin and Dairyland Seed experts says there's still time for seed to grow and time for more planting before growers need to consider changes.
Planting decision spreadsheet discourages crop switch
The University of Illinois has developed a new spreadsheet entitled “Planting Decision Model” to provide some guidelines to help farmers make planting decisions.
Update your property insurance
If you don’t update your insurance regularly, your coverage may be insufficient.

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