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Bayer 2014 Corn and Soybean Future Forum
There's a bright future ahead for corn and soybeans.
Fendt Field Day 2014

The 11th Annual Fendt Saaten Union Field Day was held recently in Wadenbrunn, Germany. Held every two years, the field day attracts thousands of visitors from across Germany and from several foreign countries. The latest from Fendt is on display, along with equipment demonstrations and booths from farm suppliers. Saaten Union is a major seed supplier for Europe.


International farm robot contest showcases students' ingenuity

Twenty-three teams from 10 countries recently competed at the International Field Robot event held during the DLG Field Days. This international competition brings international student teams and their autonomous field robots to Bernburg-Strenzfeld, Germany, to compete in five assigned tasks.

Started in 2003 by the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, the goal of the competition is to test new technologies in robotics and precision farming under real-world conditions.

A visit to the DLG Test Center
Take a look through one of the leading centers for quality testing of agricultural equipment in Europe.
UAVs at a German farm show

The DLG (German Agricultural Society) Field Days 2014, held recently at the DLG Crop Protection Center at Bernberg-Strenzfeld, Germany, showcased many new innovations in crop production for German, and European, producers in attendance.

Digging into the numbers with Syngenta
Syngenta shares earnings report and shows strength in U.S. market. COO Davor Pisk offers insight into key issues, including weather and seed production. The company is pushing for international regulatory framework for biotech products.
Taking on bugs: Insecticides for 2014
We’ve rounded up the latest news on insecticides for the 2014 season.
Taking on tough weeds
Herbicide-tolerant weeds push crop protection companies to find better solutions. New formulations are coming out this year from the major manufacturers. A solid weed management plan will be vital in maintaining good yields this year.
Guess That Tractor: Answers Revealed

At the Agritechnica farm show last week in Hanover, Germany, editors Willie Vogt and Mark Moore found a lot of different tractor models. Here we quiz your tractor brand IQ in our Guess That Tractor game! We posted the gallery of 19 tractors in black and white with their brand names blocked out on Facebook earlier this week. In this gallery, we give you the answers.

Healthier seed supply picture for 2014
Experts are predicting a much healthier seed supply for 2014, and prices for seed will be slightly higher by 3 to 5%.
The Fendt X Concept tractor
Fendt recently unveiled its concept tractor, which does away with traditional hydraulic or PTO-driven systems and instead uses an electrical drive system operated from the tractor.
Agritechnica Gold Medal introduction
A gold or silver medal is a significant feather in a company’s cap. Winners are sure to remind you that they’ve been awarded a medal, and these products often become the center point of conversation. It is also a way to recognize the latest innovations when it comes to agriculture.
Agritechnica Preview Days
50 of Agritechnica's exhibitors offered a preview to journalists on what they plan to show at the event next month. Here's a look at some of those new products.
How to kill weed seeds before they get started in your fields
Adam Davis, an ecologist with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service at the University of Illinois, offers five ways to manage the weed seedbank.
Syngenta hails EU ruling on neonicotinoid pesticides
In the first key ruling on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in Europe, a majority of Member States refused to support a proposed restriction on the chemical’s use.

Continuing Education
New Course
The 2,000 member Weed Science Society of America’s (WSSA) Herbicide Resistance Action...
Keeping crop protection chemicals on the crop for which they are intended has been a...