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Double cropping to prevent erosion 2
Double cropping could help address concerns about food versus fuel as well as soil erosion.
McCain amendment would prohibit federal funds for blender pumps
Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) has proposed an amendment that would prohibit the use of federal funds for constructing and installing ethanol blender pumps at retail fuel stations.
NASCAR now using ethanol to fuel its race cars 27
E15 is now fueling the action on racetracks from Daytona to Talladega.
Biomass crops, baling equipment evolve for cellulosic ethanol 1
Crops for producing biomass and advanced bale-handling equipment are expected to be major technologies in the future of agriculture. Principal scientist at ICM, Jeremy Javers, says biomass production will someday become similar to row-crop production. Improvements have been made in the yield of energy crops and in harvesting equipment.
Hybrids bred for ethanol offer higher processing advantages 2

As corn-based ethanol facilities strive to drive down production costs, they are taking a closer look at feedstocks. Molecular geneticists and seed breeders have been responding, which may impact the types of corn produced in certain areas.

What's the future of the Biomass Crop Assistance Program?
The House has already cut BCAP’s funding for 2011 by $134 million and eliminated all BCAP funding for fiscal year 2012. Will the Senate take the same route?
Witnesses blast EPA’s E15 decision 1
This week in a hearing held by the Energy & Environment Subcommittee, representatives from Congress, the American Petroleum Institute, and other organizations argued that EPA’s decision to permit the use of E15 could be extremely costly to consumers.
Compromise on VEETC, ethanol tariff 1
Senators have reached a bipartisan agreement that would end VEETC and ethanol tariffs on July 31, 2011, but would extend tax credits for cellulosic biofuel, small ethanol producers and alternative fueling infrastructure.
New ethanol plant, planned for Nevada, IA, will use corn stover 2
DuPont's wholly owned subsidiary DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol (DDCE) has entered an agreement to purchase land in Nevada, IA, for construction of an ethanol plant that will use corn stover.
Nematode numbers
Some areas of the Corn Belt were hot spots for nematodes last year. Here are options for controlling the microscopic pests.
Co-op supplies biomass crops for electric generator 15
Members of Show Me Energy cooperative produce biomass crops for an electric generation plant.
Buying inoculants 2
Here’s a look at new inoculant products from Becker Underwood, Advanced Biological Marketing, EMD Crop BioScience, and Novozymes BioAg.
Investing in inoculants 1
More growers try rhizobial inoculants to increase soybean yields and protect seed investment.
Biomass-harvesting equipment for the ethanol market 2
Ag equipment manufacturers are investing in biomass harvesters.
Atrazine answers 6
Recent studies appear to reaffirm the safety of atrazine.
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