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A night at a famous Uruguayan farm
Estancia Las Rosas is one of the most diversified and well-known farms in Uruguay. Get a look into how this incredible farm is run and meet its owner, Belgian Princess Leatitia.
Word on the farm from 3 Midwestern growers
Three Midwestern growers share the ups and downs of 2013 and look into plans for next year.
Ergonomics behind tool design
Milwaukee Tool makes upgrades for ease of use.
6 apps for identifying weeds, pests and more
With all the apps available for agriculture, we break these six down for you as great ID tools for your farm.
Take to the sky for high-tech field scouting
There’s no ignoring the buzz surrounding UAV use in precision agriculture, but it’s important to understand how the buzz got started. The potential in the crop scouting process to identify problem areas in fields almost immediately will provide major opportunities for farmers and agronomists in the future. While FAA restrictions still apply, farmers should learn more about this technology and the types of UAVs available, which vary widely in features and cost.
The Spectrum of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Agriculture
Agriculture is said to be the next big benefactor of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones. Here, Farm Industry News provides a sampling of these systems.
7 smartphone and tablet apps for scouting
These apps will help your scouting process throughout the growing season.
Innovations in tool and accessory design from Milwaukee Tool
Milwaukee Tool has tackled common challenges customers face when using tools, and while some of the innovations may seem simple, they've made a big difference in the company's tool and accessory lineups.
Q&A with Monsanto’s CEO and CFO
Farm Industry News got some insights from Monsanto’s Hugh Grant, chairman and chief executive officer and Pierre Courduroux, senior vice president and chief financial officer in this Q&A session.
Soybean breeding tour at Monsanto's headquarters: Tackling SCN and Phytophthora

On Monday, editors were invited to tour Monsanto's headquarters in St. Louis, Mo., and see the work the company is doing in its Asgrow soybeans, particularly in fighting major pests and diseases which can be devastating to yields. Here is a look at the research being done at Monsanto to fight these yield-robbing problems.

The A to Z of technology changing agriculture
The complete A to Z list of technology changing the agriculture industry.
Continued wet weather in Indiana doesn't pose danger to yields at harvest - yet
Corn planting in Indiana is two weeks behind the five-year state average due to persistent heavy rains, but that hasn't yet posed a risk to yields at harvest.
2013 National Corn Yield Contest now open
The 2013 National Corn Growers Association's Corn Yield Contest is now open to corn growers.
Ugly pickup photo contest: Submit your entry now for a chance to win a prize

Every farmer has an old pickup truck on the farm that they just can’t part with for many different reasons. We are asking you, our readers, to submit photos of that old, ugly pickup truck from your farm, whether it’s still running or not. Photos can be submitted in one of two ways.

DuPont Pioneer doubles amount of Aquamax drought-tolerant corn hybrids for 2013


At a recent media event in Johnston, Iowa, DuPont Pioneer announced that it is doubling the number of Optimum AQUAmax drought-tolerant corn hybrids from 22 in 2012 to 44 in 2013. With the U.S. Drought monitor continuing to show drought as a major problem well into this month, more and more growers are asking about drought-tolerant hybrids, says Reed Mayberry, senior marketing manager, DuPont Pioneer. 

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