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2012 gift guide for the farmer on your list 51

As holiday jingles blast from your TV promoting department store deals, popular children’s toys, and this season’s latest fashions, you may be scratching your head while trying to come up with the perfect gift for the farmer on your list. Farm Industry News has you covered. From the newest power tools to warm outdoor gear, this sampling of gift ideas for farmers will get you on track to get your shopping started.

The soybean aphid saga takes a turn with new control tactics 27

While soybean aphids did not pose as much of a threat in fields this summer as spider mites did, the saga of the aphid, which began in 2000, is now further complicated by a recent arrival of one of its natural enemies, a tiny Asian wasp, that was first spotted in Minnesota fields just last year.

Geringhoff to open new facilities in St. Cloud, Minn.

German-based Geringhoff announced today that it will open a new 106,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in St. Cloud, Minn. The new facilities will be located in the former Donline Company building, which provided windows, doors and millwork to lumber companies. The company is no longer in business. Now the same facility will produce agricultural harvesting equipment and house Geringhoff's first North American factory.

New John Deere Gator designed for adventure, utility 7

John Deere has taken its line of utility vehicles up a big notch this year. The new Gator RSX850i is the first in the Gator line designed primarily for recreational purposes, with the power and agility to handle just about any terrain.

A ride through the scenic desert trails in Utah on the new John Deere Gator RSX 5

Moab, Utah, is a destination for many thrill-seekers looking to experience the landscape on one of the several desert trails on anything from a mountain bike to a utility vehicle. John Deere hosted a media event July 10-12 in Moab to launch its brand-new Gator RSX 850i utility vehicle, and editors from around the country had the chance to test them out on the trails. On Wednesday, July 11, each editor rode his or her own Gator RSX along the Seven Mile Trail, which offered long, sandy stretches and many majestic rock formations along the way.

Photo gallery: Close-up look at new John Deere Gator RSX850i 1

John Deere recently unveiled its brand-new John Deere Gator RSX 850i utility vehicle in Moab, Utah, July 10-12. This is the first in John Deere's line of Gators to be designed primarily for recreational purposes. With top speeds of up to 56 mph, FOX 2.0 Performance Series shocks, and precision handling, the new utility vehicle was designed with adventure in mind. The vehicle was designed with utility features, as well, with a 400-lb. hauling capacity, several storage compartments, a powerful engine and standard safety features that exceed requirements.

Where did my cheeseburger come from? 3

School students in urban classrooms can sometimes have a disconnect from agriculture and where their food comes from. That's according to Lloyd Lesmeister, one of the FFA leaders from an Agriculture in the Classroom event held on Friday, May 18, at Anderson United Community School in Minneapolis, Minn.

"This event is about bringing the farm to the city and teaching urban students about how food actually gets to their plate," said Natasha Mortenson, agriculture teacher and FFA adviser at Morris Area High School in Morris, Minn.

Most intriguing farm equipment names 1

Upsi-Daisy cow lift

This cow lift can be used for lifting cows with health issues, which is recommended for sustaining the cow’s lifespan.


Earth Master Verti-go vertical tillage tool

The Verti-go tillage tool from EarthMaster was released at the 2011 National Farm Machinery Show. It features heavy-duty axles, which provide a consistent tillage depth.


Ecolo-Tiger 870 disk ripper

The biggest misconceptions about farmers

What are misconceptions people have about farmers? We asked you to tell us.

“Farmers love hogging the roads with equipment. No, they are nervous that they might cause an accident.”

“Confinement is bad for animals. Confinement saves baby animals from predators and saves baby pigs from being crushed by their mothers. It also eliminates sow fighting.”

“Sprayers are full of herbicide or insecticide. Sprayers usually contain 1% or less of the chemical being used, which is just enough to do the job.”

La Niña weather patterns to affect spring planting in the Midwest

Ohio and eastern Indiana could face a significant loss in corn yield in 2012 due to weather patterns. That’s according to The Climate Corporation, which presented its 2012 report on La Niña and its effect on the spring planting period at Commodity Classic in Nashville, Tenn. last week. 

Smartest equipment buys, from the readers 9

We asked readers to tell us the farm equipment that was their smartest buy. The list ranges from 30+ year-old tractors to a newer pickup truck. If you have equipment to add to this list, let us know and send us a picture at FIN@penton.com.

Kubota introduces new M-Series tractors at NFMS 2012 9
Kubota unveiled the "next generation" M-Series tractors at the 2012 National Farm Machinery Show. The M-Series line features a new larger cab with central command LCD panel and Interim Tier 4 engine.
Kinze introduces corner-auger grain cart at NFMS '12 1

Kinze Manufacturing is introducing its 1,300-bu. grain cart at the 2012 National Farm Machinery Show. At previous farm shows, Kinze had only shown the prototype of its new corner-auger grain carts. The new, larger carts are available in four capacities: 900, 1,100, 1,300 and 1,500 bu.

"We've changed the world of grain carts," says Luc van Herle, national sales manager for Kinze.

Gearing up for the 47th annual National Farm Machinery Show

The largest indoor farm show in America is about to begin. More than 300,000 visitors are expected at this year's show, which begins tomorrow, Feb. 15, and runs through Saturday, Feb. 18. Twenty-seven acres of indoor exhibit space will be chock-full of 850 exhibitors.

Oil testing to save farm equipment

Posted 1/17/12

With advancements in farm equipment technology becoming more frequent, today’s farmers are keeping up by trading in their equipment more often than in the past.

“Years ago, farmers would buy a tractor and keep it for 25 years. Now, farmers are trading them in more often,” says Paul Hendrix, equipment-pricing analyst for IronPlanet, an online auction house.

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