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Extreme Flotation tires from Goodyear

Goodyear Farm Tires has launched a new category called Extreme Flotation. These new tires offer a number of advantages, including tighter turn radius, a smoother ride, reduced soil compaction and better flotation.

Two tires are being offered in the Extreme Flotation category — the Goodyear Super Terra Grip XT 1000/40R32 and the Goodyear DT930 1100/45R46. Low Sidewall (LSW) technology allows the tire to have better lateral stability on hillsides, and it also reduces road lope and power hop.

Top agricultural apps of 2013

Is your shiny new smartphone from the holidays being put to use? While there is still some downtime until planting, now is the perfect time to fire it up and download some agricultural apps that may help you out a lot this growing season. But where do you start?

FAA names six states as UAV test sites
The six states that won the bids will see a major economic impact from job creation.
A year of Good Buys

In every issue of Farm Industry News, the last page of the magazine is devoted to one “Good Buy” product. The staff selects a new product on the market that we think is a good buy based on that time of year and the innovation behind the product. This year, we featured quite the variety of products, from a new Ford pickup to a grain moisture tester. Browse through all of this year’s “good buys” and let us know which product you’d by in the comments below.

New hydraulic farm shop doors require less maintenance
These new shop doors can be retrofitted to replace any type of old door. The design allows for less maintenance.
New upgrades for Winfield R7 Tool
Winfield makes major upgrades to its R7 Tool and announces an upcoming integration project with Monsanto.
Test grain moisture on-the-go
The new GT-3000 Grain Moisture Tester from John Deere offers a simple and easy-to-use system for grain moisture testing.
Pesticide and fungicide prices may level out in 2014
Experts say that 2014 may be a year of lower prices on crop protection products.
New heavy-duty skid-steer loaders from Mustang
The new vertical-lift skid-steer loaders from Mustang feature Tier 4-compliant diesel engines.
5 apps for calculating harvest loss, nutrient removal and more on the farm
These five apps will help you calculate everything from how much nutrients you may be losing, to determining the right planting population on your farm.
Taking nitrogen technology to the next level
Getting the most out of N is increasingly important for a crop production budget. Enhanced efficiency N is available in two ways: stabilizers and controlled release. Both types of technology help maximize nitrogen’s availability to a crop.
FMC acquires sustainable ag research firm; announces partnership with Chr. Hansen
The partnership with Chr. Hansen, a biosciences company, will result in development of biological crop protection products. And the acquisition of the Center for Agricultural and Environmental Biosolutions (CAEB) will lead to an enhanced research pipeline to develop new patented technologies.
Monsanto announces acquisition of The Climate Corporation
Climate Corporation's weather technology will be rolled into FieldScripts as a result of the acquisition.
New baler handles more than just hay

New Holland’s newest baler now has an option for handling more than just hay. The Roll-Belt 560 features a specialty crop option with the company’s new ActiveSweep 82 in. tine-to-tine width pickup, which allows for baling crop residues beyond the normal dry hay and straw, like corn stalks and heavier grasses. The new feeder mechanism tines are arranged in a “W” pattern that New Holland says results in a 20% capacity increase.

Touring a high-tech dairy farm in Uruguay

As part of the IFAJ pre-Congress tour in Urugay, a group of 20 journalists from around the world visited a very high-tech dairy farm. The Talar dairy company in Uruguay was started by Juan Carlos López Mena, who had a dream of helping to provide food to the world. In 2006, construction on the dairy farm began and by 2008, they started milking cows. The farm occupies about 6,800 hectares (about 16,800 acres) for dairy and feed production.

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