John Russnogle

90 feet of nitrogen
Side-dressing most of your nitrogen is a good deal for your crop, the environment and your bottom line, according to
Raising the bar
Not All toolbars are built for the rigors of strip-till. That's not a problem with a new front-fold toolbar built by
The Green Giant
First, there's the factor. Even in today's world of mega machinery, a 120-ft.-wide planter stops traffic and starts
Money-saving monitor
It's Usually a tense time between when you plant corn and when you can first a field to see what kind of job you did.
All in one pass
Clyde Cook still remembers helping his dad farm with a team of horses as a young boy. Today, he harnesses more than 500
Fertilizer's ups and downs
There's a one-ton elephant in the room where fertilizer dealers and farmers are in a standoff. Dealers think the animal
In the pipeline
The Syngenta seed pipeline includes a number of new products that should hit the market in the next two years. One is a
Multiple choice
If You want choices, Great Plains Manufacturing, Salina, KS, has you covered. The company will expand its tillage tool
Multiple choice
If you want choices, Great Plains Manufacturing, Salina, KS, has you covered. The company will expand its tillage tool
Underground irrigation
Bob Meiners has developed and patented an underground irrigation system that literally can go where no system has gone
Ready for wheat
High Wheat prices in 2007 were good news if you could grow a crop. But for many U.S. wheat growers in 2007 who suffered
Grain bins to go
Roughly seven million cargo containers enter the U.S. annually, packed with products to feed American consumers'
Play Tapps for fertilizer costs
The telephone in Guy Swanson's Spokane, WA, office has been ringing regularly with calls from Canadian farmers.
DON'T CALL it a tractor. The machine that Ned Meier and his farming partner Don Medbery spent nearly four years
High-tech wheat with 20/20 vision
Just a few years ago, feuding factions of the wheat industry drew a hard line on the issue of biotechnology. Farmers

Continuing Education
New Course
The 2,000 member Weed Science Society of America’s (WSSA) Herbicide Resistance Action...
Keeping crop protection chemicals on the crop for which they are intended has been a...