Jodie Wehrspann

Senior Editor,
Farm Industry News

Jodie has been a journalist for 15 years, specializing in machinery, technology and precision farming. Prior to Farm Industry News, she worked as a research analyst/editor for Rockwood Research, the former research arm of Farm Journal Media.

Jodie has won numerous writing awards including the Master Writer Program Award, Level IV, from the American Agricultural Editor's Association (AAEA). She has also been recognized for her technical writing skills by the American Society of Business Publication Editors and the Minnesota Magazines and Publications Association. Jodie is an active member of AAEA and currently serves on the board.

A former native of Montevideo, MN, Jodie earned a B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota and a Masters degree in Business Communications from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

Jodie can be reached at 952-851-4681

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Falcon Soil Sampling introduces high-tech upgrades to its automated soil sampling machine.
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Fleet management is becoming more important for farms trying to boost efficiency across the country. Here’s what you’ll need to buy to get your current vehicles set up for remote monitoring.
Ag productivity is slipping
The Global Agricultural Productivity or “Gap” Report and GAP Index measure agricultural productivity growth against growth in global population and food demand. Results are released each year at the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa.
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We asked product techies from the major OEMs to review the basics of fleet management and what their newest telematics packages can do.
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Jeremy Leifker, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, talks about using data for real-time adjustments on your farm and how that could enhance management.
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Agco GSI’s Greg Trame offers insight on trends and the new features grain bin buyers are looking for on farms.
A new course for nitrogen
Nitrogen management company 360 Yield Center launches new products to spoon-feed crops. Attendees also got a sneak peek at some products to be released this fall, as well as some still in the design phase, to further expand the company’s growing arsenal of products that pick up where Sauder’s former planter attachment company left off.
Take a ride on a drone

Mitchell and Zach Fiene are cofounders of DMZ Aerial, an ag tech consulting firm that that offers scouting services and data management. They also sell their own propriety line of  drones and have recently branched out into other technologies including sensors, beacons, and data management devices.

Bringing hybrid power to diesel tractors
A new diesel-electric powertrain replacement package brings hybrid power to your current diesel tractor.
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Salford's Dave King

Dave King, who worked as the marketing manager at Ag Leader Technology for 13 years, has moved to the iron side as the new director of sales and marketing for Salford Group. We caught up with King on his way to the airport after a company-wide meeting with BBI and Valmar, two companies Salford recent acquired (see our exclusive coverage on the event on page xx). We asked King about these acquisitions and how his background in precision farming will play into his new role at Salford.

Q. What will the purchase of BBI and Valmar mean for buyers?

A robot that taps trees
Engineering students from around the world compete to design the best sap collector of all time in the 2014 American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE) Robotics Competition
FIN EXCLUSIVE: Inside Salford Group
Salford unveils new equipment and outlines plans for growth in new markets
FIN EXCLUSIVE: Salford unveils new tillage equipment; tackles new markets

Canadian farm equipment manufacturer Salford Group invited Farm Industry News and two media outlets from Canada to its headquarters in Salford, Ontario, last week for an exclusive preview of two models of vertical tillage equipment that will be released this fall. Farm Industry News also was given the opportunity to meet publically for the first time, with BBI Spreaders and Valmar Airflo, two fertilizer application and seeding equipment companies that Salford acquired over the last seven months to extend its product offerings.

Continuing Education
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