Jodie Wehrspann

Senior Editor,
Farm Industry News

Jodie has been a journalist for 15 years, specializing in machinery, technology and precision farming. Prior to Farm Industry News, she worked as a research analyst/editor for Rockwood Research, the former research arm of Farm Journal Media.

Jodie has won numerous writing awards including the Master Writer Program Award, Level IV, from the American Agricultural Editor's Association (AAEA). She has also been recognized for her technical writing skills by the American Society of Business Publication Editors and the Minnesota Magazines and Publications Association. Jodie is an active member of AAEA and currently serves on the board.

A former native of Montevideo, MN, Jodie earned a B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota and a Masters degree in Business Communications from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

Jodie can be reached at 952-851-4681

Sprayer performance: Testing for consistent coverage

Sprayers have gone high-tech in recent years. Advancements including auto-steer, variable rate application, low-drift nozzles, direct-injection and pulse-width-modulation all have made chemical application more accurate. But there’s a caveat, says Joe Luck, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“While we have great technologies to reduce sprayer errors, some boom setup and monitoring--or lack thereof-- issues could contribute to errors that even the technology can’t solve,” Luck says.

Essential Tech: Bearings
Better seals are making bearings maintenance-free.
2015 AETC Conference: An insider’s look at what ag engineers are talking about

Planting technologies, autonomous vehicles, and the whole topic of open-source data harnessed much of the discussion at the 2015 Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference (AETC) coverage held last February in Louisville, KY.

8 tracked tractor options
Muddy fields in the Midwest are piquing interest in tracked tractors, requiring a brush-up on the different systems.
Harry Stine talks crop tech
President and founder of Stine Seed Co. talks about genetics designed for twin-row crops.
5 game-changing ag technologies 1

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers gives Farm Industry News an exclusive, in-depth look at five of its 50 AE50 award winners that are changing how we farm. 

Each year a gamut of new farm products make their way to the market, each trying to find its own niche of making the job of farming easier, more efficient, more profitable or just plain-old more exciting.

Tech illustrated: electronic wastegate turbos
How an electronically controlled wastegate on engines sustains torque without lag time.
Smart tire pumping system for semi-trailers

Do you remember the central tire inflation systems (CTIS) by Inflation Solutions, LLC, that we wrote about last year? It’s an onboard inflation system that adjusts inflation pressures in your tractor tires automatically using an onboard air compressor. The product was voted by readers to be one of the top most innovative products that ran in our magazine in 2014.

Well, today we got the heads-up that the company has adapted the same technology for use on commercial semi-trailer tires to reduce tire wear and failure on the road.

Deals on used farm equipment

A clear trend developing this year is the offering of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs.  These programs let you step into used tractors, combines and other farm equipment with some assurance that it won’t break down, or, if it does, the dealerships will have you covered. Buyers can trade up to later model machines with newer technology and extended warranty.

What you need to know about next-gen engine oil

Diesel engine oil is going to change dramatically in the next year few years, which will affect the buying options of anyone driving a diesel-powered pickup truck or operating equipment that uses diesel fuel.

Industry Insider: David Friedberg, CEO and founder of The Climate Corporation
Former Google employee talks about how crop and weather models can help mitigate the risks of farming.
What you didn’t know about farm tires

Last month, Titan, maker of Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires, held a two-day summit for dealers, giving them a brush-up on new tire technology. The reason for the summit, organizers say, is that farm equipment keeps evolving with each new model year, with bigger engines and heavier, more powerful machines. With those changes come some challenges, such as road lope, power hop and soil compaction. Tires need to change in suit. So the company invited dealers back to school to learn how the tires they sell can meet those challenges.

Beyond GMOs: A new era of biotechnology
Executives from leading crop biologicals companies discuss how naturally occurring plant microbes are ushering in a whole new era of biotechnology that will give crops their next big boost in yields.
Bobcat unveils new 3400 series utility vehicles
Major changes were made in model year 2015 to give the Bobcat 3400 series a leg up in style, power, speed and comfort in a work vehicle.
The future of farming
Industry leaders have a no-holds-barred discussion on agriculture’s major challenges, and what farmers and corporations need to do to feed the coming groundswell of people.

Continuing Education
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Keeping crop protection chemicals on the crop for which they are intended has been a...