Joan Olson

At a premium
EACH WEEK, L&R Rusch Farm in Vincennes, IN, delivers food-grade white and yellow corn directly to a tortilla factory in
Links in the food chain
Despite bankruptcy filings by some of the nation's largest farm co-ops, farmers have not abandoned cooperative efforts
Seed efficiency
Growers who switch to narrow-row soybean production may not need to spend more on seed. Research conducted at the
Nitrogen (and yield) boosters
To optimize yields, some Midwest farmers are inoculating soybeans even when they are planted on ground that was
''Seeing'' weeds
How would you like to spray 25%, 50%, maybe up to 75% less herbicide on your soybeans using spot spray application
Eyeing IP storage
Larry Koberlein, St. Elmo, IL, has more than 750 acres under identity-preserved (IP) production contracts. Over the
Metering manure
With commercial fertilizer in short supply and prices approaching historic highs, livestock manure is more valuable
High hopes, high risks
For as many value-added agricultural ventures that succeed, there are at least that many that fail. That's important to
Good data pay dividends
It stands to reason that the more data you collect about a farm property the more that property will be worth. How much
Sharing data for profit
Community pooled data reveal the most profitable farming practices.Jim Nergenah didn't feel he was capturing enough
Common ground
Farmers add acres by sharing equipment and labor.Many farmers in the Midwest today feel they need to farm more than
Tracking seed to shelf
New companies and Web sites trace GM crops through the food chain.The controversy over genetically modified (GM) food
Tile it yourself (or not)
New research aims to uncover the accuracy and value of tile plows.Dan Hughes knows that all tile plows are not created
New tools add precision
Upgrade your precision system for better accuracy, speed and convenience.Whether you're a novice or a pro at precision
New soil maps spark change
Mapping electrical conductivity in soil shows soil-to-yield relationship.If you're optimistic about the theory of

Continuing Education
New Course
The 2,000 member Weed Science Society of America’s (WSSA) Herbicide Resistance Action...
Keeping crop protection chemicals on the crop for which they are intended has been a...