Jeff Ryan

Team FIN farmer finds exotic foods from the Far East

On a recent trip to Florida, Team FIN farmer Jeff Ryan from Cresco, IA, explored an Asian market where he found an abundance of food items he had never before seen. Among his finds were live eels, chicken feet, roasted coconut juice, duck eggs and more.


The Mayor of Carbopolis
Make a note: If you’re going to tour a sugar processing plant, be sure to take a spoon with you.
Go fish
A deep sea fishing excursion off the coast of Florida taught me that this farmer should remain firmly planted on terra firma.
I think I can. I think I can.
My attempt to deliver hay to the black-and-white crowd in the middle of winter hits the skids.
Taking up a collection for Bambi

While I was seated at the grill one August evening, my phone rang. It was a guy who lives about 30 miles away. In early June that year, he had stopped by to perform a service for me. He does fertility tests on bulls and also custom-collects semen from them for A.I. We had one bull checked and collected that day. Since it was time to breed my heifers that week, I needed the product this guy had collected back in June. He gets the job done, then he takes the semen back to his place to run it through the lab, package it and store it in his liquid nitrogen tanks.

Skinny, the Barn Mortician

Let's get one thing out of the way up front. I'm not into antiques. Yeah, yeah, the GuyNo2Mobile is a 1961 Volkswagen and technically an antique, but it's modified enough that it probably ticks off antique purists. If I rub the purists the wrong way, that's a good thing, in my book.  

Not quite omnipotent beef
It was way past midnight before I finally came home from another bovine adventure. I had checked my heifers at about 7:30 that evening before I came in and everything was fine
The heat, line 1

There's nothing like a relaxing evening at home. There's also nothing like breaking it up with a phone call just before 10:00. Since it was my land line, I figured it was either my mother or some brain surgery patient calling with a question.  

Nope, not even close.  

"Jeff, this is Officer Don Knotts with the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Department."  

Yep, that'll pretty much remove any drowsiness you may have at that hour.

Team FIN farmer tests John Deere 328D skid-steer loader
A quiet, comfortable cab and multiple control options make this new skid-steer loader easy to operate.
It had a familiar ring
There was a rare moment one day last spring when I was able to eat lunch at my desk. My normal duties in the tractor
The educational route with Rip Van Winkle
Three months ago, I went to the funeral for the father of several friends of mine. One of them is Janet, a classmate
Where the wagons and the buffalo roam, Part II
My story from two weeks ago set a trend for what I hope is only a trilogy. (Yeah, there’s gonna be more.) Hard to
Where the Wagons and the Buffalo Roam, Part I
Sometimes the best days on the farm are marked by stuff that doesn't happen. The really bad days are when some things
Piling up vs. piling on
So what do you do when you get some fun winter weather — maybe a dash of ice with just enough temperature to keep
The Alps of Cardinal Marsh
My best hay customer uses approximately one round bale per day to feed his Holstein heifers. They are kept at a place a

Continuing Education
New Course
The 2,000 member Weed Science Society of America’s (WSSA) Herbicide Resistance Action...
Keeping crop protection chemicals on the crop for which they are intended has been a...