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Sprayer parts
I need parts for a 1991 Vicon sprayer, model LS191OT. Can you help me find parts? Dennis Rix Fergus Falls, MNContact B
Software updates
Version 3.0 of Windows AgChek accounting and financial management software from Red Wing Business Systems is ready for
New Idea parts
Is New Idea still in business? We need corn picker parts. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Dale
Don't get scammed!
According to the Internet Fraud Watch site (www., auctions are the most common places where Web users can
Snowco parts
I need parts for a Snowco 52-ft. x 8-in. transport auger. I think the company was called The Snow Company. Any help you
Hydraulic couplers
My husband is trying to find an address for Bruning in Lincoln, NE. He is looking for hydraulic couplers. Do you know
Cash for your buying ideas
Do you consider yourself an astute buyer, a smart shopper, a wheeler-dealer?If so, we want to recognize you by sharing
Seed news
Monsanto is offering a savings of $10/bag for growers interested in planting "stacked" YieldGard/Roundup Ready corn
Handy auger
I have a Speed King auger with an electric motor mount. Can you tell me where I can get parts for this auger? Matt
Kewanee wagon gear
I am in need of parts for a model 47 Kewanee wagon gear. Is there another company that handles them since Kewanee is no
Store more grain
I am hunting for parts for a Stor-Mor grain bin. I have been told the company went out of business or was bought out by
To track the latest information about EPA's Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA), visit Bayer's new site at
Dakon parts
I have a Dakon gravity box that needs a sprocket to open the door. I can't find a dealer who can help me with parts and
Pump shaft packing parts
I have a Blackmer hand pump installed on a service tank that needs new shaft packing. It has the words "Grand Rapids"
Super fencer
I have an International Super 100 electric fencer made by International Electric. I need a new power module but was

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New Course
The 2,000 member Weed Science Society of America’s (WSSA) Herbicide Resistance Action...
Keeping crop protection chemicals on the crop for which they are intended has been a...