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Combine hose protector
Mud Hog now offers a two-speed, single swivel wheel motor to reduce hose movement and subsequent wear on combine hoses.
Precision tractor
Italian tractor designer Same Duetz-Fahr recently introduced its new 135- and 150-hp Rubin tractors. Both machines use
Efficient sidedressing ???
Easily sidedress nitrogen with the new Nutri-Placr 2800-16 from DMI. The liquid fertilizer applicator handles from 12
Chinese tractor ???
A new utility tractor made in China is now available for U.S. farmers. The Iron Horse Tractor with a 28-hp, 3-cyl.
We're honored
Farm Industry News recently won several top awards in contests of magazine excellence. In a contest sponsored by the
Save your knees
Support your knees while working on equipment in a kneeling position with these fluid-filled kneepads from Gempler's. A
Tillage by Cat
Caterpillar plans to offer a line of tillage tools for use with its track tractors. Although Krause will manufacture
Chemicals priced nationally
Bayer Agriculture Division will give several of its chemical products the same price nationally under a new plan called
StarLink update
The StarLink controversy continues to brew. At press time, Japan agreed to a U.S. plan for testing shipments of corn
Double up on fuel
In a few hours' time, you can add an auxiliary fuel tank to your Dodge pickup that will automatically transfer fuel to
Seed news
Jury finds Pioneer owes Monsanto A U.S. district court jury in St. Louis unanimously found that Pioneer Hi-Bred
Wire winder whereabouts
I saw a hydraulic wire winder in your publication and I am interested in purchasing one. Gary Petersohn Tingley,
Online machinery sales and have agreed to work together to expand their machinery
The Center for Rural Affairs estimates that as much as half of all business transactions will move to the Internet over
Trial by back roads
This is in regards to the story "Trial by back roads" in your September issue comparing GM, Dodge and Ford.First of

Continuing Education
New Course
The 2,000 member Weed Science Society of America’s (WSSA) Herbicide Resistance Action...
Keeping crop protection chemicals on the crop for which they are intended has been a...