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Future of precision agricultural sprayers
A new spraying system can vary rates and manage particle size.
New variable-rate sprayer nozzles speed up sidedressing nitrogen
Sprayer nozzles designed for variable rates allow growers to sidedress nitrogen at faster speeds. Greenleaf Technologies offers the TurboDrop nozzle, and SprayTarget offers the Hi-VeriFlow 1 nozzle.
GPS industry vs. LightSquared continues
The war of words between LightSquared and the GPS industry continues, with each side putting its own spin on the meaning of a technical report submitted to the FCC.
CrescoAg offers precision farming data management tools
CrescoAg is offering new crop decision and risk management tools to held farmers handlt the large amount of data created from precision farming technologies.
Trimble upgrades FieldLevel II
Trimble has upgraded FieldLevel II to an automated tiling, ditching, land-leveling and levee-building system.
Trimble capitalizes on OmniStar purchase with new RTX option
Trimble introduces a high-accuracy GPS service option, called CenterPoint RTX, that covers the mid-section of North America.
Free cellular spectrum behind LightSquared controversy

While AT&T, Verizon and other cellular communications providers have spent billions of dollars acquiring the radio spectrum for their national networks, the radio spectrum for the proposed LightSquared hybrid land and satellite-based communications system will be free of charge, courtesy of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

John Deere's iGrade focuses on ditches, leveling
John Deere's iGrade is a controller and software package that automates land grading, ditching and other distance-based hydraulic commands.
Topcon's System 210: Water-management workhorse
Topcon's System 210 incorporates land-leveling, surveying and field design capability.
Outback Guidance adds long-range RTK option
Hemisphere GPS has added a 400-megahertz (MHz) long-range RTK radio as an option for Outback Guidance RTK systems,
John Deere documents potential massive interference with GPS
A new report from John Deere provides strong documentation that deploying the controversial LightSquared satellite and land-based cellular communications network will dramatically interfere with ag GPS navigation systems.
Leica Geosystems adds SteerDirect hydraulic kits, antenna bracket
Leica Geosystems has added four tractor series to the list of tractors supported by SteerDirect hydraulic kits. It also introduced a new bracket to simplify installation of navigation system antennas.
Raven introduces fleet-monitoring version of Slingshot Field Hub
Raven Industries’ new Fleet View version of the Slingshot Field Hub is designed to track field machinery at a lower cost than through the RTK-capable version of the Slingshot Field Hub.
SST Software to offer RapidEye satellite imagery
Beginning this growing season, SST Software's FarmRite customers will be able to preview and order in-season satellite imagery directly from RapidEye, a major worldwide provider of satellite imagery.
Grain-handling upgrades
Last year’s on-farm bin-building spree will continue as farmers construct new grain-handling facilities to improve harvest and storage efficiencies.

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