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9 new tools to help you farm by tablet 1
Tech tools have come a long way in just two years. But are they powerful enough to run your farm?
Profit zone planning
New on-line software tool identifies field areas that aren’t profitable to farm.
Hitting the field with multi-hybrid planters
Concept planters from Kinze and Precision Planting seeded thousands of acres across the Corn Belt in 2014 – with 2015 marketing plans in the wind.
Satellite imagery boom for farming
High-flying satellites - not UAVs - may be first to offer actionable in-season crop imagery beginning this year.
Yield Pop offers new tools for comparing seed varieties
Compare seed performance by soil type, tillage or rotational system with the new Yield Pop online tool.
The A to Z of technology changing agriculture 1
The complete A to Z list of technology changing the agriculture industry.
Electric variable-rate planting from an entrepreneur
Toby Graham developed an electric-drive system that converts ground-driven planters into by-the-row variable-rate seeders with built-in row shut-off capability. Now, he’s updating the system with an optional tablet-based controller.
7 new telematics offerings in agriculture for 2013
Here’s a look at what’s new in telematics for the agriculture industry in 2013.
New Yield Pop free online service designed for agriculture information sharing
The new free online service is designed to streamline sharing of information by farmers, consultants and ag industry suppliers.
FarmLogs adds rainfall monitoring, new smartphone apps
FarmLogs, the year-old Web-based farm business management software program, is adding new features in time for the 2013 growing season.
By-the-nozzle sprayer control


The capabilities of sprayer technologies that link GPS navigation systems with sophisticated by-the-nozzle controls continue to expand. Now, if you want a sprayer that can handle odd-shaped fields as well as a high-end planter with by-the-row shutoffs, aftermarket providers are leading the way.


High-tech spray nozzles target glyphosate resistant weeds


After years of primarily using one-size-fits-all spray tips that are ideal for spraying Roundup Ready crops, growers may now need to own an arsenal of nozzles specific to a range of chemistries.


Capitalizing on the cloud: Wireless connectivity in agriculture will make big gains in 2013


Cloud-based computing in precision agriculture took a huge leap forward in 2012 and is likely to make another big gain in 2013.

In the past 12 months, options for using “the cloud” to provide wireless connectivity to tractor and combine displays grew dramatically, to the point it is now possible to eliminate the frustration of shuffling thumb drives to keep precision ag data up to date.

New smartphone and tablet applications bring decision-making tools to the field


Over the past year, the market for ag-specific smartphone and tablet computer applications has gone mainstream. Now many of the big names in agriculture are offering apps to improve crop and machinery management.

Here’s a look at some of the new offerings for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones and tablet computers.

2013 Buyer's forecast: Farmland myths

They’re not making any more farmland, right? Wrong.

“Don’t believe that myth,” advises Mike Boehlje, an agricultural economist at Purdue University.

The Corn Belt hasn’t expanded as if by magic. But the red-hot commodity prices of recent years have stimulated a dramatic increase in new land coming into production around the globe, Boehlje says. In addition, productivity of existing farmland continues to climb as high prices justify more intense management.

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