My biggest complaint would have to be that I did not like the position of the steering wheel. It was too low; it felt like it was in my lap. It made it difficult to enter and exit the driver’s seat, especially because I have long legs. My suggestion would be a tilt/telescope arrangement or a different design. 

I did like the bench seat, but the parking brake and the shift levers were still located in the middle on the floor, which made it difficult to enter on the passenger side and slide over to the driver’s side or to have three people ride on the seat. The parking brake was a bit tricky to use. It needed to be fully engaged to hold the machine, and then once it was engaged fully, it was difficult to disengage. The brake lever would also pinch my fingers if the shifter was in low gear and the brake was in the disengaged position. The location of the shifting consol made it convenient to shift between high and reverse.

The cargo box was nice. It was sturdy and had many places to tie things down. It also had good capacity with a rated carrying capacity of 1,400 lbs. This particular machine had a bed mat in the bottom of the box, which helped to keep things from sliding around, and also a removable and adjustable plastic organizer. I liked the organizer for keeping hammers, wrenches and nails from being strewn about the box.

There is an air intake under the driver’s-side seat that has a foam insert in it. This I believe was an air intake for the clutch, and the foam filter was generally dirty and would get sucked halfway down the ducting.