Polaris redesigned its Ranger UV from the cup holder and bench seat to the suspension system and hood style. The changes should help Polaris grow its share of the utility side-by-side market. The company reported it considers itself the number-one player in the side-by-side market.

The new line of Rangers consists of three new models: Ranger 4 × 4, Ranger XP and Ranger HD. The three models feature a roomier cab with better ergonomics, easy steering, and adjustable dual A-arm front suspension. Engineers redesigned the front of the vehicles in a bold, aggressive style. The bumper is equipped with a heavy-duty bash plate, a central tow hook and inset tow hook cage. All the models are rated for a 1,000-lb. load in the cargo box.

In the cab, Polaris added more seat and leg space, angled the back seat for comfort, and moved the brake lever to the left of the driver. The company also added a tilt steering wheel, cup holders for 20-oz. bottles, and more storage space.

The Ranger HD with a 40-hp, 700cc EFI engine is designed for customers who want a UV for heavy-duty work. Polaris installed Nivomat shocks that automatically adjust the suspension on the new model to a heavy load. The self-leveling suspension creates a smooth ride and the ability to go long distances at 50 mph. To make the HD model easier to steer in heavy-duty applications, Polaris gave it electric power steering.

The Ranger XP model has the same engine as the HD model; the Ranger 4 × 4 model is equipped with a 30-hp, 500cc EFI engine. Top speed of the 4 × 4 model is 30 mph, and it tows 1,500 lbs.
Prices for the three models were not available at press time.

For more information, contact Polaris Industries, Dept. FIN, 2100 Hwy. 55, Medina, MN 55340, 800/765-2747, visit www.polarisindustries.com or www.freeproductinfo.net/fin, or circle 101.