Sportsman XP

The all-new Sportsman ATV comes in 850 XP and 550 XP models. The Sportsman 850 XP is equipped with an 850cc, twin EFI engine with 70 hp, and the 550 XP has a 549cc, single EFI engine with 40 hp. Both engines are rubber-mounted to the chassis to reduce vibration.

Both of the new models feature a low gear that enables them to reach 39 mph. The ATVs tow up to 1,500 lbs. and carry 120 lbs. on the front rack and 240 lbs. on the rear rack.

Both of the XP models are equipped with the Polaris on-demand all-wheel drive (AWD), which automatically engages when more traction is needed and then switches back to 2-wd when it's not needed. Polaris also designed a special engine-braking feature called active descent control (ADC) to help a driver maintain control when traveling down a steep incline with a load.

Braking power is beefed up with new automotive-style hydraulic disc brakes installed on the vehicles. The 850 XP has four-wheel disc brakes, and the 550 XP has three-wheel disc brakes.

Polaris changed the suspension on the Sportsman models to enhance a smooth ride. The company installed a rolled, independent rear suspension and dual A-arm front suspension. It also devised a new anti-kickback steering system to prevent the big jerks that occur when an ATV goes over bumps.

The engine was rotated 90° to provide 5 in. more floorboard space on the ATVs.

Prices for the new line of ATVs were not available at press time.