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    Viewing farming from a new angle for 2014

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    New tool ID's weeds

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From the Field

Using sprayer technology for herbicide applications.

Mike Clemens of Wimbledon, North Dakota, self-applies SureStart® II herbicide to control his high-anxiety weeds, which includes lambsquarters. He says having a global positioning system (GPS) is essential on his large sprayer is essential. Click here to learn more.






Grower Success

Dependable weed control from SureStart® II herbicide

Weed to Watch

Giant ragweed

Giant ragweed is extremely competitive and, at full maturity, can reach a height of 8 feet.

Click here for weed control solutions.

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Tips, tools for a fresh season

By Luke Peters, product manager, Dow AgroSciences







A new planting season can be both exciting and daunting. Farming operations can benefit from a thorough evaluation of weed control programs and a review of available tools. Get off to a fresh start this season by keeping these tips and tools in mind. 

1. Learn from history — The 2014 season was excessively wet, and 2013 ended dry. Either situation can tax a herbicide program and result in weed escapes. Keep records of what weeds are in the field. This will help you decide which herbicides to use next season, as the most problematic weed typically causes the highest yield loss.

2. Scout with a purpose — Follow weed management best practices by correctly identifying weeds. Make routine scouting trips throughout the growing season to determine which weed species have escaped and which parts of fields are problem areas. Many universities, such as the University of Missouri, provide helpful guides to aid in proper weed identification.

3. Tailor your program with technology — Once you’ve assessed the weed problems, use the right technology to control them. Herbicides with multiple modes of action are important now more than ever for resistance management.

Regardless of the weeds or the weather, be prepared. Have the right herbicides in your arsenal to keep weed pressure down and yields up in 2015.

For more information on what makes a strong herbicide program, visit         

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